A Saturday at Zilker Garden Festival!

After Rudy being gone for almost two weeks, we wanted to squeeze in a little family time yesterday!! This is also one of the main reasons I’ve been MIA on here…single parenting doesn’t leave a lot of time for myself or anything really, hence no blogging! =(

Nonetheless, today we got out for some much needed family time, and went down to the Zilker Garden Festival! We absolutely love the Zilker Botanical Garden because it’s absolutely beautiful, and when you throw in kid crafts, music, and food trucks, we are so there! 

The kids had a blast exploring and the weather was absolute perfection! I love you spring!! =)

If you are local, they are having the festival again today so check it out! =)

Here are some pictures from the festival!! 

My little explorer! I love this phase of wanting to soak it all in!

I love all the green! You can really tell that Spring is in full swing around here!

Such a beautiful and serene spot!

Their daddy daughter bond makes me so happy!

Not the greatest picture of us four but I’ll take it!! Those come few and far between!

Koi fish in the pond! The kids were beyond mesmerized at these!!

My sweet doll having a zen moment. =)

I don’t love selfies but it’s so hard to get pictures of just us so I’ll take it!

He was so excited to hold the caterpillar! It was the sweetest thing ever!

SUCH a fun Saturday morning!! Excited to see what today holds!!

Happy Sunday! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! 

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