Riviera Maya 2016

Oh man. What an amazing vacation with family! If there is a vacation to do with kids (because that statement doesn’t really exist because traveling with kids is not easy), it’s definitely an all-inclusive like this one! We’ve done a few in the past few years but nothing has lived up to this resort! Extremely baby friendly and so serene. We spent a week hanging with family. Nothing but chilling, eating, drinking, chatting, and pool/beach time. It was awesome to say the least. Plus watching Aria and Rish interact with their cousins is an amazing sight. I never got to do that growing up since we didn’t have that much family nearby, so I cherish the fact that my kids are going to be close to their cousins. 

Nonetheless, I wanted to point out the highlights of this resort for anyone looking to find a fun spot to try with their families. I tried looking for more reviews on TripAdvisor and similar sites, but was having a tough time understanding if this place was going to be good with my crew, and it ended up being pretty darn awesome. So I figured I’d blog about it to help more people looking for an easy destination with kids! Oh, and this is also a giant picture dump of our trip so beware! Just wanted to give a quick warning! And no, this isn’t sponsored or anything. Just a mom trying to help out other mamas who want a vacation that has no meal planning, cooking, laundry, or dishes!!! WOOOHOOOO!


  • The resort is extremely well staffed and they are more than polite. I’ve stayed at other resorts with a similar style and their staff is no where near as nice. 
  • The beach is AH-MAZING. The sand is soft and silky beneath your feet with clear water. We even sat in the water while little fishes swam all around us! Aria absolutely thought it was amazing and believed them to be Nemo’s friends! 
  • The food is actually good. All inclusive resorts have a negative connotation when it comes to their cuisine, but all our meals were actually delicious. Our steaks were cooked to perfection just like we asked. And they have a couple of restaurants on site that don’t require reservations which is great when traveling with littles!
  • They trust you. There is no “towel card” or anything like that for when you’re at the pool/beach. You can use towels in the bins that are located around the property. 
  • This resort is beyond baby friendly! They will provide you with pack and plays or cribs. They will also give you baby monitors!! They have high chairs at every restaurant – and I’m not talking about the rinky dinky ones. These are the nice cushioned fisher price ones! They give the kids something to draw on and crayons every time you go to eat! They even have gerber baby food if you need it! Kids menus as well which rocks, with simple things like mac and cheese/chicken nuggets/spaghetti/etc, if they aren’t up for exotic cuisine. 
  • EXTREMELY clean. Our room was so clean. I detest dirty resorts and I’m sure most do. But this resort is well maintained and the greenery is constantly being looked after, so the place just has this perfect beauty around the clock. 


  • There aren’t a lot of pool options. The pools are a little on the smaller side, which I was fine with but my husband didn’t think there was a lot of space. There is however a kiddie pool that is only about 2 feet deep which I thought was awesome since the kids could play with more ease.
  • The bar doesn’t really face the pool so the swim-up bar sort of sucks. You have to try pretty hard to get their attention unless you get out and walk to it. Which is all of 20 steps, but you know what I mean. 
  • There are no buffets. All restaurants (besides breakfast at the main restaurant) are order only. So they are all sit down and order. We were ok with it since they brought out the kids food relatively fast but there is definitely a wait so plan accordingly!

Alright, now scroll through and you can just see how amazing our trip really was!!

Til’ next time Mexico!! 



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