Eight Months of Rishi

Our little baby boy is already 2/3 of a year old! He’s not so little anymore I guess… That newborn feeling is pretty much gone. =(  I used to be able to do updates all the time for Aria but it’s a little different with two in tow! Here’s a little update on Rishi!

Age: 8 months 

Stats: 16 lbs and 26 inches tall

Nicknames: Rish and Bubba. I think I’m the only one that calls him Bubba, but Rish has kinda stuck for most of the fam, and even Aria will call him Rish. I also love it when she calls him “buddy”! It’s so stinkin’ cute. 


– Can roll over

– Sitting up on his own

– Eating and trying lots of new foods, including meat

– No crying while riding in the car because he actually doesn’t mind his carseat anymore! Hooray!

– Sitting in the cart at a store…my back thanks him quite a bit for that one.

– Trying so hard to get our words and actually said “dada” the other day! 


– Being outside or out in general 

– Riding in a stroller 

– Being sung to

– His jumperoo and exersaucer

– Just being in his diaper…this kid is not a fan of wearing clothes! HA.

– Going to baby storytime at the local library. We go on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Aria is at school and he absolutely thrives! 

– Aria. He absolutely adores her and any time she is around, he is immediately happy. All smiles and giggles for big sis 24/7. Oh, and the adoration is mutual. She is all about hugging and kissing him all day long, and telling him how much she loves him. There is the occasional stealing a toy from him but Rishi holds his ground and screams bloody murder. 


– Sleeping. Oh man this kiddo is not a fan of sleeping. He’s such a cat napper too which totally blows. We are going through some serious sleep regression around here and it is NOT FUN. We never faced this with Aria so it’s been rather tough on both of us. Lots of sleepless nights and bags under our eyes…

– Bottles/Formula. I really wish he’d jump on this wagon because nursing him hasn’t been as easy or smooth as it was with Aria. If he would take a bottle and/or formula, it would be A M A Z I N G. I’m basically counting down the days til’ he can have whole milk because I would loooooove to transition him ASAP… As horrible as it sounds, the journey has been long and it’s only eight months. Not sure if I could handle it for another 4 months though it may seem short to others…

In general, he is a super happy baby. Super ticklish and super giggly. Wants to play all day long. He is also very adventurous. Really wants to explore and touch everything he can get his hands on. It’ll be an interesting scenario when he figures out crawling! 

All in all, we love this cheery, goofy, little guy more than words can describe. Happy 8 months to my sweet Rish! 



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