Rishi’s Rice Ceremony

A year and a half ago, we had a little ceremony for Aria . The ceremony was meant for the very first time she would have rice or solids. Now granted, she was already on solids but it’s something we celebrate in our culture. SO, we had the same thing for little Rishi this past Sunday. Fed him something sweet with sugar for the very first time that also had rice in it! Here is a little picture dump of the event! Oh, and last time we did this, Aria chose the calculator. Rishi happened to choose the stethoscope, but unfortunately I didn’t get a picture. =( 

Mah boyz. ;P

My new fave picture. <3

My mom on the left and my MIL on the right. 

The men in my life. My FIL is in the middle and my dad is on the right. 
My little Aria…running around the temple and then playing in the rocks. As always…the kid loves rocks!
My handsome little fella. 

All in all, it was wonderful to be around my family to celebrate my sweet boy. Can’t believe he’ll be six months in a just a few short weeks!



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