34 Weeks.

It’s impending. It’s nearing. I’m 34 weeks pregnant today. We had our 33 week appointment on Monday morning earlier this week, and things look good thus far. According to the doc, he has his head down although that could of course change at any minute. We go back at 35 weeks and start our weekly appointments from that point on….EEEEEK!!!

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I’ve also had a massive epiphany as I realize this is more than likely the last time I’ll be pregnant because we’ve decided that we are perfectly happy with two kiddos in our lives, and are ok with stopping after we have this sweet baby boy. I’m trying so hard to relish every little bit of this pregnancy that is left. It will soon all be over, and I know that I will definitely miss being pregnant at some point in my life.

Having that in the back of my mind, every time he kicks…every time I look at my belly moving around…I stop and soak it in a little bit more. Even though I look huge and there are days that I despise wearing only maternity clothes and feel like nothing fits (and feel a little bit like a giant whale), I soak it in a little bit more. Pregnancy cravings…Oh, how I will miss you and have an excuse to eat ice cream/donuts/muffins/etc at midnight without feeling the guilt. Every single time Aria hugs my giant belly close, and he kicks from within…I soak it in a bit more.  It’s such a special time for a mother. Being pregnant is truly an amazing experience…Life growing inside you. What could be more beautiful.

It’s also made me realize that this are the last few weeks I only have one baby. I treasure every moment I spend with Aria and give her as much free time as I possibly can. I know that when the little one arrives it’s going to seem like she’s a “big girl” and he’s the baby, but the reality is, she will be a mere eighteen months. Not even two. That is still baby to me. I’m aware that she’s a toddler age-wise to others, but to me 18 months is just a baby. Knowing that, I soak in all her sweet moments of cuddles and hugs and kisses with me. I cherish every moment I spend with her whether it’s eating or playing outside or reading a book.

I’ve also started getting things ready and packed for the hospital, and setting up the pack and play and other baby items in our bedroom to ready ourselves for his arrival. His nursery is nearly finished, and I’ll be sure to do a post about that soon! It is definitely starting to become one of my favorite spaces in this house like Aria’s nursery!
Til’ next time friends!


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  1. April 27, 2015 / 8:05 PM

    It's so sweet that you are treasuring every moment instead of wanting to rush on until the next season. 🙂

  2. April 27, 2015 / 8:22 PM

    Aw, this is such a precious post. You look absolutely beautiful, and I love that you are savoring every moment of your pregnancy. It's such a gift. I'm praying for you and baby!

  3. April 29, 2015 / 2:55 PM

    You look beautiful! I'm just about at the stage where my husband and I are really getting ready to try having our first baby! Pregnancy makes me VERY nervous!!! Hearing you talk about it makes it sound much more doable, I sometimes forget that I might actually ENJOY parts of the pregnancy! Thanks for the encouragement, xoxo – Kim from 47grove.com (peony project sistah :D)

  4. May 3, 2015 / 10:42 PM

    Aww! Your pictures are great! Two littles is easier as time goes on. 🙂 Those first few weeks might be difficult but before you know it you'll have it down pat. Hope the upcoming delivery goes well!

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