Baby Boy Nursery Inspiration

So…of course I’ve been dreaming about the perfect nursery for my baby boy. After perusing Pinterest for hours and hours, I still went back to my original plan which was to do an airplane themed nursery. 

Even before I knew I was going to have a girl the first time around, I knew that if I had a boy, I would do an airplane themed room. So back to the original plan right?! 

I’ve always been obsessed with decorating for as long as I can remember. There is always a project I’m working on. I mean, always. Rudy absolutely hates it given that I have at least 3-4 projects that I’m DIY’ing at a time. He’s also not a fan of the fact that I always state “I’ll never be done decorating…it’s an evolving process…” Given this information about my crazy self, I’ve been constantly dreaming about how I’m going to bring this aviation themed room into fruition. A couple of things needed to be done before I could decorate. So we started with one of the structural changes I wanted to do to the room. Oh and when I say we, it really means the sweet husband of mine. I knew I wanted to do the bottom half of the room in a board and batten pattern which would be white, and the upper half to be navy with a gray ceiling. Can you tell why my husband can get annoyed with me? =P
Here is the room so far…

I’m leaning towards the color on the very right… It’s called Newbury Port Blue by Benjamin Moore. I’m definitely obsessed with it. 

Anyhow, I still have a lot I’m deciding on but here is my inspiration board thus far to try and bring what’s in my mind to reality in the next few months…

Crib | Airplane panel art | Rocker | Come Fly with Me sign | Personalized Pillow | Airplane Propeller | Crib Sheets

The only thing that I actually have right now for the room is the airplane paneled art pictured above. And I’m completely obsessed with it. My plan is to hang that on the wall above his crib. I wanted to also get a few vintage model airplanes to hang from the ceiling in one of the corners, like the red on in the picture. Plus, I saw this adorable basket at TJMaxx and had to have it so I bought it! =)

A few undecided things include the textiles such as the rug and the curtains. Can’t seem to decide which color I want to go with. I’ve walked around Homegoods god knows how many times, and looked at their rugs but I’m waiting til’ I have a couple more of the pieces for his room to make sure I choose the right pieces. 

Plus another DIY project I’m working for his room is the changing table. His room has a pretty large closet so I didn’t bother with a dresser since he doesn’t really need one, and bought an old changing table from a neighborhood garage sale page for $10! It’s in perfect condition but just needs to be painted black so that it matches the crib I plan to get. I figured I would get cute baskets to organize all the things I would need! Who doesn’t love cute baskets right? I sense another Homegoods/TJMaxx run when I’m done re-vamping this thing! 

I’m sure I’ll update you guys more as I get this room together little by little, so stay tuned!

Til’ next time friends!


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