19 Weeks

This week was awesome. Probably because we got a glimpse of our sweet boy! Can I just say that I wish we got ultrasounds all the time? *sigh*

Our peanut is growing and is quite healthy thus far! And yes, we got a confirmation that it is definitely a boy. =P

Plus, my sister was here this past week which always makes my days brighter. Not to mention, watching her with Aria and seeing their aunt/niece bond is the best. I practically cried the day she left…being a hormonal, pregnant mom is no good for the emotions. I’m a big ball of crybaby and will bawl at the drop of a hat. Yea. It’s bad. Like yesterday when I was on a coffee run and happened to pass an accident where clearly everybody was fine, but for whatever reason, I was bawling in the car. What triggers these? I wish I could tell you…

Nonetheless, I miss her like CRAZY. And, she’s definitely going to kill me for posting this picture on here but I freaking love it. And her. 

ANYWHOOOOO, here are my 19 week bump stats!

How far along: 19 weeks
Size of our sweet baby: A big mango. Because we just had our ultrasound, the tech measured him from head to butt, about 7 inches long (doesn’t include his little legs). And he weighs about 9 oz! =)
Maternity clothes: Mostly in leggings because they rock my world. I have a couple of maternity pants but it seems like my belly doesn’t wanna hold them up completely so I end up getting this saggy pant look in the back which is just not cute lemme tell ya.
Gender: A BOY!!!
Sleep: Not so good unfortunately. Been waking up a few times during the night and it always takes a while to fall back asleep which just makes for not a very good night’s rest.
Food Cravings: Pizza. Mexican food. Oh, and I’m still on that chocolate train. MMMM….really want some chocolate…
Symptoms: Just like last week, sciatica has been killing me. It hurts…so bad. Like, ow.
Belly Button: Def an innie!


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