18 weeks

The first week of the year is practically over and I’m inching towards the halfway mark slowly but surely. On Friday, we have our 19 week ultrasound to see our little peanut, and I am so freaking excited. I really wish I had an ultrasound machine at home so I could just peep at him all the time! 

I can feel him more nowadays but not a lot just yet. A lot of other mamas had told me that with the second one, you feel the kicks sooner, and I can fully attest to the fact that isn’t entirely true…well, at least not for me. This was about the time I started feeling Aria kick when I was pregnant with her and it seems like history is repeating itself. =)

Nonetheless, all in all is good over here. Aria turned 14 months on Tuesday which blew my mind. She’s getting to be so much fun to interact with. She repeats everything and her favorite thing to say is “aw wight” (alright). And it comes out in this sweet, peppy voice and I love it every time. And yes, she got it from me. 

Two babies stacked on top of one another. A picture I’m sure I’ll cherish forever. 
My new favorite picture of Aria and I! 

She’s also really into sitting on the couch and lounging, and it’s so cute! It’s like all of a sudden she realized how awesome couches are and she loves to throw herself around on them! We recently went shopping for new couches and the entire time we were at the store, she would crawl around on the couches, find a soft spot, and just lay down! All the people working there couldn’t stop laughing!

My lil’ couch potato.

Anyhow, here are my bump stats from this week! 

How far along: 18 weeks
Size of our sweet baby: A sweet potato!
Maternity clothes: Still wearing my regular jeans with the good ol’ rubber band trick, but I do love living in my leggings!
Gender: A BOY!!!
Sleep: Sleep is a little tougher this week…It’s as if the first trimester fatigue has come back to haunt me or something. Let’s just say I’m not a fan. That’s why I look so tired in my pictures up top.
Food Cravings: Sweet stuff. Chocolate mainly…As I type this I might be eating a candy bar. =)
Symptoms: Sciatica wants to be my best friend and I definitely have no desire to let her back into my life. A few headaches here and there but again, just plain old exhaustion this week is kicking my butt.
Belly Button: An innie!

Praying everything goes well during tomorrow’s appointment! My sister is driving up today to come to the appointment as well which makes me so happy! As much as I love the holidays, I equally despise the beginning of January since it’s always dull and boring. Seeing her will brighten my spirits and especially Friday’s little ultrasound! 

Have a good Thursday friends! It’s almost the weekend!


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The Comments

  • Whitney @ Southern Hope
    January 8, 2015

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Your daughter is beautiful, how far apart in age will they be?! Such blessings!

  • Alfa Sengupta
    January 11, 2015

    Aw thanks Whitney! They are gonna be a mere 19 months apart! EEEK! But, I truly believe that they are my blessings and as all mothers do, I'll just have to figure it out! 😉