High Five for Friday! [6.20.14]

FRIDAYYYYYY!!!!! Let’s jump right into my five for Friday!

If you’re a momma, you know why I’m so thrilled about this one. I’m so freaking excited about the fact that Aria is constantly saying “mum mum mum mum mum mum”! Can we just go ahead and call that a win since it sounds so close to Momma?! Haha. I don’t even know what I’m going to do the day, she calls me Momma. If follow me on Instagram, there’s a lil’ video of it! I, myself have taken at least 6 videos since she started. Just can’t get enough!

Summer is officially here tomorrow! WOOT! You can read all about my summer essentials post from earlier this week and score a free printable, which is officially up on my mantle! Find it here!!

So Target always has amazing sales (DUH) and earlier this week, I stumbled upon these poufs for my living room for only $48 a piece on sale! I’m so excited and love the extra seating without more chairs. They are easily movable as well so they don’t always have to be in the same place! And yes, they super comfy. You wouldn’t think it, but definitely comfy. WIN in my book!!!!!

My sister in law just arrived today with our nieces and they are absolute dolls. To see them interact with Aria is amazing. I can just see the incredible cousin bond forming already! I didn’t have that close bond with my cousins growing up, which makes me want to make sure that Aria gets to see her extended family often so she can be close with them. Nothing like having more sisters in our lives right?

So much love in this picture. 

Only two Fridays left until Cancun!!!!!!! Yes. I’m super ecstatic. I’m one of those people that will probably start counting down the hours when I only have a week left. I’m in such dire need of a vacation. No laundry. No dishes. No cooking. No chores. No nothing. Just relaxation with my fam.  CANNOT. WAIT.

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