Weekend Ramblings… {4.20.14}

Look at that drool…AM IN LOVE WITH THIS. 

Another weekend gone. Definitely a lazy weekend if you ask me which sometimes is just what the doctor ordered!

Friday –
I met up with Rudra after work to head over to this local brewery that does an amazing happy hour – you buy a glass (which you get to keep!) and get three beers. Um, awesome right? Yea, my thoughts exactly.

Saturday –
A lazy Saturday at its best folks. We did NOTHING. Rudra washed the cars and I just basically hung around the house and chilled with Aria. I did happen to take an amazing nap at 4 PM. I say amazing because it was an hour long nap, completely uninterrupted…not to mention, I had a dream. That counts somewhat close to REM sleep right? I can’t remember the last time that a nap felt so freakin good. So that’s why I keep the hubs around…I kid, I kid.

My two fave people hanging out on the back porch. My whole world revolves around these two. 

Sunday –
Normally my Sundays always start with feeding Aria and then heading to the grocery store. Well, my plan was just that. Got up, fed the little one, showered, and headed out to get the groceries for the week…well guess what? EASTER SUNDAY! Store was closed…whomp, whomp, whomp. So what did I do? Head to Starbucks! HA. Got myself a little coffee jolt and came back home to chill. 

We then decided to head over to IKEA for some stuff. Of course while we were there I snagged this picture:

Pretty sure I’m gonna need to buy this chair soon since I’m in looooove with it! Our car was pretty loaded with a ton of stuff so it’s a good thing I didn’t pick it up…But next time, it’s mine!!! I mean Aria needs this right? =P

And then to top it all off, I threw out my back. My guess is I slept on it wrong… YAY. NOOOOOT. I’m hoping it gets better by tomorrow since it’s a long week with the hubs going out of town on Wednesday… Sigh… Looks like tylenol is in my future.

Gnite folks!



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