This little duckling is 5 months old!

I know I’m several days behind on this post given that she turned 5 months on Sunday! But ah, the joys of motherhood (and loads upon loads of laundry) got in the way. What else is new right? =)

Everyday, this girl changes a little. Everyday. Sometimes, I really do feel like it’s overnight. I’ll wake up, walk over to her crib, and she looks up and smiles at me, and all I can think about is how much I truly adore this little girl, and how much she completes me, and how she may have grown a little more. Just overnight.

I pick her up and hold her while she stretches those little arms and legs. Her yawns are the cutest. The amount of happiness she exerts to be held by me is what makes my heart melt. I can’t explain the joy I feel at that moment. It’s this indescribable feeling that I look forward to in the morning even if I’ve not had a great night of sleep. That smile is why I get up. That smile makes everything bad in my life good. That smile makes me one of the happiest people. 

5 months has truly flown by in a blink. People always say “cherish it… They grow up so fast” and it turns out, they aren’t kidding. The fact that she is eating oatmeal as part of her dinner sometimes blows my mind. Just the mere fact that she sits in her highchair for said meal sometimes blows me away. She was just born! How can she already be in her highchair?!?!

Love when she grabs those little toes with her little fingers!

She is one feisty and giggly girl. Always on the go-go-go. She wants to touch EVERYTHING. And yes, she’s definitely in the phase of “I want to put whatever I can find straight into my mouth.” She talks constantly and loves to smile at everyone, everywhere. She goes to pretty much anyone as long as either daddy or I am in sight. Honestly, I get the feeling she might be a little social butterfly when she gets older.

Anyhow, a couple of her favorite things right now:
– Playing with a big yellow bouncy ball…she just laughs and laughs as we roll it between mama and daddy.

– Holding her toes
– Swinging in her swing outside
– Watching me do my hair and makeup in complete awe…I have a feeling I might have a little diva in my hands at some point.
– Singing “Twinkle Twinkle””…she just stops in her tracks and stares at my face in amusement
– Chasing daddy around pretending to catch him
– The remote and my phone…she wants them. ALL. THE. TIME. I think she wakes up and immediately looks for them. Ha. I’m ashamed to admit, but I do the same.  Soooo… Like mother, like daughter once again.

Our days are mostly the same..mostly being about 70% of the time since no two days are EXACTLY alike with a kid. We wake up around 8:30ish and she eats. She plays for a little bit while I get my shower in. I then have some breakfast while she plays some more, and then I give her a bath. After that, she’s normally pretty sleepy so I put her down for her morning nap around 10/10:30. On good days, she’ll nap for about an hour (and if I’m super lucky, sometimes a little longer!) and other days, she’ll nap for maybe 30 minutes.
She then wakes up around 11:30 for her next feeding. After this, if we have any errands we head out since this tends to be a good time for her to get her energy out.
Try to make it back home for the next feeding by 2:30 (or sometimes, I’ll just feed her in the car if we won’t make it home in time…the advantages of breastfeeding! You always have food with you!) After she eats and we’re home, she’ll play for a bit and then nap again for a little while. Again, this is the luck of the draw. Some days she’ll sleep for a while, others not so much. She’s not the best napper, which can sometimes make my days really tough.
She eats again around 5:30 and then daddy gets home and she gets so excited the minute she sees him. Her face immediately lights up! It’s adorable! I love how well she recognizes the two of us. We’ll play outside in the backyard or maybe take a walk…especially with the weather getting nice. I’ll also do most of the prep for dinner and sometimes we get to eat early, and other times we eat after she goes to bed. Just gotta go with the flow.
At her 8:30 feeding time, she gets oatmeal and then another feeding from me to top her off. She plays for a little bit and then off to bed by 9/9:30.
I wake her up one last time around 11/11:30 to give her a quick feeding to keep her belly full overnight. She’s normally not awake for this…pretty much passed out so I just lay her back down, and then I go to sleep! So she sleeps for around 11 hours which is my saving grace given that she doesn’t always nap consistently!
Wake up and repeat!!!

Also, because it’s spring, the wildflowers are out! The Texas state flower happens to be the bluebonnet wildflower. Right now, they are everywhere you turn. Unfortunately, it only lasts like a month or so. Of course, I wanted to take Aria’s very first bluebonnet pictures! It’s a must in Texas I think. Our parents did it for us when we were little, and now I must do the same. It’s just too adorable to not take pictures!!! It helps when you have a cute subject as well! 🙂

Mesmerized by Sophie  🙂

Happy Friday folks!



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