Weekend Ramblings… {3.2.14}

Always a good weekend when it tends to be relatively productive. I of course say “relatively” because my new definition of productivity is very different than what it was a few months ago. Babies definitely change your definition of busy. Sometimes I think about my life prior to having my baby girl and think what exactly was I doing on the days that I considered “busy”?! Nowadays, if I can get laundry folded the same day that I washed it, it’s a BIG win, (I currently have Aria’s laundry sitting in the dryer that I washed Friday… Don’t judge…)  but I digress..

Anyhow, Friday was a chilled out day with some errand running for a couple of DIY house projects I’m working on, which of course always requires a trip to the Home Depot. This was Aria’s first trip… Doesn’t she look super jazzed to be here?! I think she’s fist pumping cuz she’s so excited! 

Saturday was also another day of random projects. I’ve been working on getting Aria’s playroom done since I never got a chance to finish it before she was born. Here is my little helper while I worked on sewing…

Here is a little sneak peek at the colors of her playroom! Reveal coming soon… Hopefully. Multitasking is definitely in the mom vocabulary… I have yet to master it with a three month old.

And then at night, we had to run to Ikea for an errand as well and on the way in, I saw the cinnabuns and I just HAD TO HAVE THEM. So of course, on our way out, I bought a 6-pack. I know, I know. But all I have to say is $4 for 6 cinnabuns hot out of the oven with yummy icing…I want you to say no to not eating that if it was in front of you. And if you can say no, you don’t wanna hang out with me cuz I always cave at yummy foods like this, and I like that absolutely guilt-free. 🙂

But Sunday was by far the best day! My sweet Aria started rolling over!!! I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t like when it happened in month 2, and it was a total fluke. I wanted to make sure she could do it, so I put her on her tummy quite a few times and every time she would roll over! Makes me so happy but sad that she’s already growing so quickly…I’m going to blink and she’s going to start crawling or something. Yes, I may be taking it too far but that’s really how I feel! Check out my Instagram to see the video!! God knows how many times I’ve watched it…

Hope you guys had a great weekend as well! 

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