12 weeks!

How far along: 12 weeks! Can’t believe I’m 3 months pregnant! Only 6 months left to go…

Size of our sweet baby: This week our baby is the size of a lime…A little over 2 inches. Look how it’s so tiny in my hand! I can’t believe that’s how small our little peanut is!

Maternity clothes: Not yet but I did buy my first pair of cute mint skinnies from a maternity store! That itself was super exciting! 

Gender: Don’t know!

Sleep: Still pretty exhausted most of the time but not nearly as much as a month ago which is great. I keep hearing that women get their energy back in the second trimester and I’m really hoping that happens to me! 

Food Cravings: Pizza and Coke! I could seriously eat pizza all day long! I just want it allllllllll the time! The funny thing about that is that when my mom was pregnant with me, she craved pizza all the live long day! Like mother, like daughter? PROBABLY!

What I Miss: Being able to stay up past 10 PM! I’m so tired by the time 10 o’clock hits that I’m practically a zombie! I also miss being able to sleep through the night…my bladder always has other plans around 3 or 4 AM, and it’s definitely not sleep. 

Symptoms: A little bit of exhaustion. Still not as hungry as I expected to be so I’m mostly force feeding myself to make sure Baby S is getting food. Bathroom trips are still pretty constant…TMI? Oh well, I’m pretty sure everything about pregnancy is TMI! 

Belly Button: Still an Innie!

Best Moments of This Week:
– Going to the doctor’s office on Tuesday and hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time! It was beating at a rate of 155/min! FAST! Baby did NOT want to sit still so the sonographer had a hard time getting great shots, but we still walked out with amazing pictures!

– Sending out pregnancy announcement cards was also amazing! Just knowing that the rest of our family was going to find out about the little miracle made us feel so good! Here is the card close friends and family received!

– The best moment of this week had to be when I got the call from the doctor’s office letting me know that everything from the genetic test came back negative! We could not be happier parents-to-be at that moment.   That adrenaline rush you get from finding out such great news is one of the best feelings ever!

– Another amazing moment was when my my mom and dad told all their friends! Here are the proud grandparents-to-be at a Mother’s Day party announcing the good news! Also, I announced it to Facebook on Mother’s Day! Always a good milestone to hit when you can tell the entire world!


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