We're pregnant!

This week has been great from the standpoint that we found out we’re going to have Baby S in 8 months! BUT, that also meant that I had to go in for hCG level testing twice (1st reading was 592 and two days later, it was 1692!!) to make sure everything was progressing properly. Well, that means needles. And if you know me, you know I HATE needles! I know that when I tell other mothers this issue, their reaction is always the same: “Get ready because you have 8 months of needles!” I know, I know…just get off my back already and let me freak out a little! 🙂

Anyway, it’s super cute how protective Rudra is already. “Don’t do this!”… “Don’t do that!”… “Don’t pick up that bag”… And I’m like, “You mean that bag that’s as light as feather?”.. HAHA. Love him for it for though.

Not sure why but I’ve just been unable to sleep as well. Waking up every night around 4 AM and then wanting to pass out around 3 PM when the afternoon hits. NOT FUN. We made our first appoint when we hit the 8 week milestone. I’m already counting down the days to April 9th when we get to hear the little munchkin’s heartbeat!

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