This post is a long time coming *insert giant eye roll*, especially given that it happened over three months ago! It’s embarrassing to be honest, but I still wanted to share because we had the absolute best time with our friends, and it made for such a memorable trip. 

This was our fourth time we’ve gone to Mexico! We’ve gone every year since 2014, when Aria was a mere 7 months old because it’s a direct 2 hour flight from Austin to Cancun! It’s hard to beat honestly!! Nonetheless, we stayed at Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Esmerelda, and the kids absolutely loved it. After staying at four different resorts, I think we’ve honed in on what we need out of resorts in order for it to be more of a vacation than just a trip, if you know what I mean! Because traveling with kids isn’t always a vacation.

Nonetheless, I think Aria and Rishi ask at least twice a week to go back to Mexico! Yes, still!! They remember it so vividly and it’s fun to talk about it and share the experiences we had together. Even though it’s no easy task to travel with little ones in tow, I honestly love it. I also highly recommend it.  A lot of people always tell me that the kids won’t remember, but my response is always, “I will!”. I want to create memories with them, even if it takes lots of effort, tears at the airport and the plane, and the stress of packing for tiny humans. #diaperstakeupsomuchspace I’ve learned so much from traveling with them, and what kind of patience it actually requires, and through that I’ve actually grown! Plus, hearing their little stories about what all they remember makes it worth it! Plus, they get so excited when we start talking about our next vacations!

Anyway…back to the actual resort…there were definitely a couple of cons, like the food wasn’t the absolute best given we’ve had some better food at other resorts like the one we stayed at last year which you can read about here, but the positives definitely make me want to go back there! 

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So if you follow me on social media, like Instagram, you know that I went to Arizona this past weekend for a little girls’ getaway! I haven’t been away for a very long time and this was much needed! Lots of uninterrupted convos, adventure, a little bit of rest, and crazy amounts of laughing. It was seriously therapeutic! 
What I didn’t enjoy was the desert atmosphere. It completely dried out my skin, but I was prepared! I know that when I travel, my skin always suffers a little bit. The air can be dry, the plane is always pretty icky for my skin, and depending on all the temperatures we go through as we travel, lots happen to our skin. Especially in places like Arizona. To solve the dryness issue, I try to keep hydrating products with me, so that I can stay on top of my skincare routine! 

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Photo Aug 14, 10 48 29 PM

Believe it or not, I’ve never spent more than a couple of hours away from the kids. It’s been over three years since I’ve gone anyway alone or with friends! But more over, my sister and I haven’t gone anywhere together either, EVER! 

I’ve been struggling this summer and just needed a night away to reset. I mean let’s be real.

I. Needed. A. Break. 

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This weekend we headed up to Dallas to spend time with family, and because we live in Austin, Waco happens to be on the way to D-town. And of course that meant I had to make a pit stop at Magnolia Market because who isn’t obsessed with Joanna and Chip Gaines and Fixer Upper?!?!



But alas, this picture doesn’t do justice. I didn’t make it in… It was ridiculously packed, the kids were cray, and there was no way I was going to make it inside and be able to actually enjoy it since we would be the family with two psychotic children at nap time trying to have a good time. And omg, what if Joanna was there? Definitely not the impression I wanted to leave. I mean, what if we are meant to be besties and this is what ruined it for me… #yearight. HA.

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This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. 

A fun couple of days were spent at this amazing waterpark/campground down in Sheridan, Texas! It’s about two hours from Austin and totally worth the drive! We stayed in one of their cabins on the property, which was so much fun to do with the kids! Deer watching, firefly catching, throwing a frisbee kind of fun! It’s the perfect place to unplug since you’re far away from everything, and sometimes that is exactly what you need to connect with the people you love.

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