I recently had a GIANT revelation. Like a super ginormous one. And since then, every girlfriend that is in my life has heard about it, and I finally decided that I needed to write about it since I just. Can’t. Stop talking about it.  So I’m going to ask you a question and you need to answer it honestly for your own good…

When was the last time you got yourself a bra fitting? 

I ask this because I couldn’t even remember when I did it. Was it high school? College? Who knows… But since then I guarantee my chest is definitely not the same size as it was whenever I did have a fitting. I’ve gained weight, lost weight, gotten pregnant, breastfed, lost weight, got knocked up again, gained weight, and nursed yet again. And now that it’s all behind me, I have zero clue as to what size bra I’m in since I’ve gone through a thousand changes. And I’ve been living in nothing but sport bras because I crave support because I have such horrible back pain. It was time for a change guys…

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This has been a long time coming. I could never see the light at the end of the tunnel but it’s finally here and I can honestly say it was a tough, and rewarding journey. 

Three years ago, I was pregnant with Aria and once she was born I immediately started nursing her. I nursed her for a whole ten months, and then I got pregnant with Rishi (Hello surprise!!!). Once I was pregnant, Aria wasn’t interested in nursing any longer which the doctor had warned me about. They say that babies can tell there is a difference in taste if the mama is preggo and therefore, she sort of weaned herself off. I honestly thought I would be sad about it, but because I knew I would potentially be breastfeeding again in about 9 months, it was ok to say goodbye. 

So, I went from pregnant to nursing, and now back to pregnant. After having Rish, the nursing restarted and it was both easy and tough. It all came back super naturally so that was the simple part. The tough part was now I had an 18 month old running around me, needing me so I couldn’t just sit back and netflix an entire show, which is what I did with Aria…the entire Gossip Girl show. Yea. It was pretty awesome. =)

I got pretty amazing at being on the go, and nursing whenever and wherever! I wasn’t like that when it came to Aria. Things definitely changed the second time around since I had a little human I was chasing constantly. Fast forward to nine months with baby boy, and there was no way I could keep up with my supply for my little man’s demand. I had to start supplementing with formula, and luckily he took to it without any qualms. He’s now 10 months old and he’s chugging that formula like nobody’s business, and I finally have my body back three years later. Yes, three years I’ve either been growing a little baby inside or nourishing one. Let’s soak that in shall we? Three years of not owning my body… WHOA. #freedom

Breastfeeding isn’t for everyone, and that’s completely ok. Some can’t, and some don’t want to. I’ve officially done both and I’m pretty sure it won’t make a difference because in a few years, they will both be eating all sorts of junk. Life. It’s ok. Ever seen this? Couldn’t ring truer…

Give yourself some grace if you tried and didn’t make it. I didn’t make it a year (which was a goal of mine!) with either of mine and I’m ok with that. They are both healthy and that is all that matters. #countingmyluckystars

Motherhood. It’s tough as shit. If you think you’re not doing a good enough job, it’s just not true. We love our babies fiercely, and don’t forget to tell yourself from time to time that you are AMAZING.


I knew I wasn’t going to make it to my due date from the beginning. Aria came right at 38 weeks and I remember how quickly it all happened. I almost didn’t have enough time to get the epidural with her (thankfully, I got it) because I arrived at the hospital 9.5 cm dilated. This time we had expressed our concerns to our doctor from our first experience, and because of how far we live from the hospital, we decided it might be best to induce at 39 weeks and avoid complications of not being able to make it to the hospital in time. Well, 39 weeks never came around. I’m technically supposed to be 39 weeks pregnant right now and was supposed to get induced this morning. But at my 37 week appointment, I was already dilated 3 cm. And then, the next morning, I had a bit of spotting but no contractions, so I went back to see the doc. She put me on the contraction monitor and noticed that I in fact was having contractions…somehow, I wasn’t feeling any of them, just like the first time around! So she suggested it might be best to go ahead and head to hospital instead of going back home since more than likely baby would be here in less than 24 hours. 

So the hubs and I went to the hospital, got checked in around 1 PM, got the epidural around 2 PM and waited. And then waited and waited. This was so incredibly different from Aria’s delivery! We were just sitting around, waiting for something to happen. They had given me pitocin and were waiting for baby to make his descent fully so that when it came time to push, I barely had to do any of the work. Finally, around 9 PM, things started moving. When I looked at the clock before my first push, it was 9:35 PM. Three pushes later, he was out. It was 9:52 PM. Beautiful, baby boy had made his debut. 6 lbs, 19 inches long. We were in love at first sight with our beautiful son, Rishi Nevin Sengupta. He was perfection and had completed our little family of four.



It’s impending. It’s nearing. I’m 34 weeks pregnant today. We had our 33 week appointment on Monday morning earlier this week, and things look good thus far. According to the doc, he has his head down although that could of course change at any minute. We go back at 35 weeks and start our weekly appointments from that point on….EEEEEK!!!

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I’ve also had a massive epiphany as I realize this is more than likely the last time I’ll be pregnant because we’ve decided that we are perfectly happy with two kiddos in our lives, and are ok with stopping after we have this sweet baby boy. I’m trying so hard to relish every little bit of this pregnancy that is left. It will soon all be over, and I know that I will definitely miss being pregnant at some point in my life.

Having that in the back of my mind, every time he kicks…every time I look at my belly moving around…I stop and soak it in a little bit more. Even though I look huge and there are days that I despise wearing only maternity clothes and feel like nothing fits (and feel a little bit like a giant whale), I soak it in a little bit more. Pregnancy cravings…Oh, how I will miss you and have an excuse to eat ice cream/donuts/muffins/etc at midnight without feeling the guilt. Every single time Aria hugs my giant belly close, and he kicks from within…I soak it in a bit more.  It’s such a special time for a mother. Being pregnant is truly an amazing experience…Life growing inside you. What could be more beautiful.

It’s also made me realize that this are the last few weeks I only have one baby. I treasure every moment I spend with Aria and give her as much free time as I possibly can. I know that when the little one arrives it’s going to seem like she’s a “big girl” and he’s the baby, but the reality is, she will be a mere eighteen months. Not even two. That is still baby to me. I’m aware that she’s a toddler age-wise to others, but to me 18 months is just a baby. Knowing that, I soak in all her sweet moments of cuddles and hugs and kisses with me. I cherish every moment I spend with her whether it’s eating or playing outside or reading a book.

I’ve also started getting things ready and packed for the hospital, and setting up the pack and play and other baby items in our bedroom to ready ourselves for his arrival. His nursery is nearly finished, and I’ll be sure to do a post about that soon! It is definitely starting to become one of my favorite spaces in this house like Aria’s nursery!
Til’ next time friends!


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It’s been 8 weeks since I’ve done one of these. My belly has grown quite a bit and being in the third trimester definitely has its own challenges. Back pain…more trips to the bathroom…sleep has become far more uncomfortable…clothes are getting tighter.

The upside? I  know that I’m only 10 weeks or less from meeting my son. My doctor and I decided that because of how quickly Aria came and how far I am from the hospital, we would try to not go past the 39 week mark (May 29) to avoid crazy complications. Knowing that I have a short amount of time left has put my nesting mode into full swing. His nursery is coming together more and more. I’ve already washed and folded all his clothes. A few things remain and I’m hoping to have them all finished before April 29th so that way I have about a month left to relax and spend time with Aria before she has to share her mama. Been trying to cuddle her every minute basically…

A few bump stats as of right now…

How far along: 29 weeks
Size of our sweet baby:  About the size of a butternut squash
Maternity clothes: Living in leggings, dresses, and some of my regular clothes that I just use the rubber band trick on to keep them from falling!
Gender: A BOY!!!
Sleep: Definitely uncomfortable. Especially since I have to get up at least once to go to the bathroom at night and then it takes forever to fall back asleep!
Food Cravings: Strawberry shakes. Like, I want them all the time. All. The. Time.
Symptoms: Back pain…Just feeling uncomfortable mostly!
Belly Button: Def an outtie!

I’ll try to do another one in a couple of weeks since not much really changes week to week besides the growth of my belly! =) 

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