I’m pretty sure I have a black thumb, which is obviously a terrible way to start this post given its about gardening…  But I’ll go ahead and continue anyhow…Not sure where I got it considering that my mom has a pretty green thumb…I’m guessing gardening is not a hereditary trait. HA. Buttttttttt, because I’ve been doing whole 30 and just trying to eat cleaner, I’ve been using a ton of herbs for making my meals! I’ve even been adding mint and lemon to my water just to switch it up sometimes instead of plain ol’ boring water!

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I can hardly believe that Christmas is 6 days away! December has been flying by and I truly hate that this month is disappearing so quickly. I love this time of the year, and especially decorating my house! The kids faces light up the minute the trees and all the twinkling lights turn on in the house, and it’s literal magic to see them get so excited. I used to love this time of year when it was just us, but now that my babies are here. Oh man. There’s something extra extra extra special that happens when your little ones are around during the holiday time!  Experiencing the holiday spirit through them has been one of the best things ever! This year especially as Aria understands more and more! 

Nonetheless, here’s a little mini tour of our home this year!

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Today is the last day of summer! My favorite season of the year arrives tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited! Pumpkins, cooler weather, hot coffees instead of iced ones if you’re down here with me in Texas, jeans, boots, scarves, and the list goes on and on! I literally get that fuzzy feeling this time of year! 


This summer was a tough one to say the least. It was one for the books but hard as HELL.  I almost think this summer was harder than last year even though I had a newborn. Newborns are a lot easier than a wobbly toddler! Figuring out activities for a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old who toddles everywhere is no easy feat, especially when for the last two months, the temps have been consistently in the high nineties, if not 100 degrees. I’d literally step outside, and just melt. Finding indoor activities are a challenge as well, since the big kids are out of school and they dominate all indoor playgrounds.

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Photo Aug 08, 3 17 45 PM

As a kid, I loved back to school shopping! I loved getting new binders, folder, pens/pencils, etc. I mean c’mon, Lisa Frank was the shiz. If you got that reference, you can probably tell how old I am now. =)

But one of my favorite things to buy was a new planner. I fell out of use of them as I graduated college and started working. Didn’t find a use for them when I got married either, but after having kiddos and having mom brain, I forget everything unless I write it down. The phone calendar and other organization apps don’t always help me, because I like to visualize it all. The day, the week, the month, whatever. And seriously, writing it down makes me remember it more than typing it into an app.

I’ve been using the Emily Ley Simplified Planner (pineapple) and love it! I highly recommend it! But alas, the time is ending on it, and it’s time to invest in a new one! After some research, these are the ones that are on my list to choose from! I’ve used the BlueSky and the Sugar Paper ones for years, and definitely recommend those for someone who wants more organization but doesn’t wanna drop a pretty penny on planners. They aren’t nearly as detailed as some of the more expensive ones, so it all depends on how much of your life you want to organize! I’m super type A and like to write down all sorts of details, so I like to have as much room and lines as possible to squeeze in all those tasks!


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This weekend we headed up to Dallas to spend time with family, and because we live in Austin, Waco happens to be on the way to D-town. And of course that meant I had to make a pit stop at Magnolia Market because who isn’t obsessed with Joanna and Chip Gaines and Fixer Upper?!?!



But alas, this picture doesn’t do justice. I didn’t make it in… It was ridiculously packed, the kids were cray, and there was no way I was going to make it inside and be able to actually enjoy it since we would be the family with two psychotic children at nap time trying to have a good time. And omg, what if Joanna was there? Definitely not the impression I wanted to leave. I mean, what if we are meant to be besties and this is what ruined it for me… #yearight. HA.

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