My sweet little Aria has gotten into accessories as of late! Loves her bracelets, necklaces, and purses! She loves to fill them with things and carry them around as if trying to copy me!  I’m not going to lie though, I kind of love it! My own little mini me is the best thing any girl could’ve imagined! Am I right or am I right mamas? 


This sweet little shop, Ali Jane & Co.,  that makes the cutest purses ever has this adorable purse that has become one of Aria’s favorites!

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Sponsored by Britax but all opinions are mine! || Britax Stroller B Ready

Last week, I got to attend an event that was in partnership with Britax, where I got to test drive and learn more about this amazing stroller that is beyond amazing for moms on the go! It’s perfect for all stages in life since you can attach a carseat, and it has 12 different configurations for those little ones! I honestly wish I had this stroller from day one!

So this past weekend, we took it out on the town! Hit up one of our fave coffee shops, ate some lunch, and just enjoyed this beautiful October weather! || Britax Stroller B || Britax Stroller B || Britax Stroller B Ready

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One of our favorite places to frolic no matter what time of the year is this little train park. It’s perfect for ages of 1-5. Not sure about older since they may get bored on the train ride since it’s only 15 minutes long! It’s perfect for those impatient toddlers though!! Not too much for the crawler though…

The train leaves the station every 30 minutes at the :15 and the :45 after each hour. Don’t go on Mondays as they are closed, but they are open every day (Tues – Fri is 10-5, and Sat – Sun is 10-6)! I made that mistake without checking the website once and had a very disappointed toddler on my hands!

The price to ride the train is $2.50 for kids 1 and older (1 and under is free!). The locomotive is extra. 

There are picnic tables and a little train playscape that the kids can play on. They also have a little locomotive for the kids to do on their own, but it’s ages 3 and up. A little pretend “town” stands in front and it’s super cute!

Every time we have been, it kills at least a good hour, if not more! And because there are so many trees, it’s pretty shaded. In the dead of summer, I wouldn’t go super late, like past noon, because you’ll be extra hot, but the in the morning it’s definitely doable. 

Aria gets excited any time I mention going to ride the train, and I can see now that Rishi likes it too! As they get older, and Rishi is walking, I can see how we are going to be here even more since they definitely didn’t want to leave today! I always have to bribe them with really good snacks to get back to the car! 

Either way, if you’re looking for a fun way to fill up your morning this summer, definitely check out Cedar Rock Railroad! =)



Note: This post is not sponsored! Just a mama looking to help other mamas in ATX! =)