These past five months have been educational as I move towards eating a lot healthier, and fully understand what we are putting in our bodies. It all started in December when my mother landed in ICU because of a diabetes crash for over 3 days. I can’t even put into words what I was feeling, and what our entire family went through. It was life altering for all of us to really make strides in eating the right stuff, and cutting out the crap, like sugar. 

Sugar is just awful and it’s practically in EVERYTHING. As I was doing the whole 30 a couple of weeks ago, it taught me so much about reading labels and really understanding the ingredients. You guys. Learn to read those labels. You’ll know how much you’re consuming immediately…

Now don’t get me wrong. I haven’t cut it completely out, but I definitely make a serious effort in watching how much sugar I take. Enter Zevia! Products like Zevia have definitely helped with finding balance! Sugar free and no artificial sweeteners! So I took it and ran with it! Decided to take this yummy ginger ale and put a spin on a regular moscow mule, to turn it into a sugar free spicy mango moscow mule! 

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