Happy Friday friends! It’s been a long 9 days around here while I was handling the kids all by myself, and the hubs was traveling, but he comes back tonight and I couldn’t be more excited!!! Hello sleep! =) Any other mamas out their who have traveling husbands and basically cringe right when they bring up their upcoming travel? I feel like every time he brings it up, I run in the opposite direction, hide in the closet, and just start chugging wine. #nojudgies

Anywaaaaay…let’s move on shall we?? Ok, so real talk. We are fully guilty of buying bananas and then all of them not getting eaten because everyone in my household despises any banana that has spots on it. Too mushy…too sweet…You name it, there’s something wrong with that spotty banana. But, they were getting thrown away far too often. Or I would be the sucker in the house that would have to eat it and I hate a mushy, extra yellow banana. So to save myself from eating a dying banana, I knew I had to come up with a way to use them. Enter cinnamon banana bread!

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I know what you’re thinking. Pumpkin is something that is eaten during halloween and during the holidays so why am I talking about it right now? Welllllll, I’m here to tell you that you can buy canned pumpkin year round! Who’s going to stop you from enjoying all that deliciousness just because “it’s out of season”. 

Listen, I’m a rebel. I wear white after labor day too. But only if my kids are no where near me. See? Rebel is my middle name. 

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Did you know Christmas cookies have been a part of history since the 1500s? WHOA.

It all started in Europe when gingerbread became a pretty big deal around the holidays, and people were allowed to bake their own at home since the laws were such that baking was only restricted to guildsman! 

Eventually gingerbread, turned into cookies slowly as it got pressed onto cookie boards and were dried. Once that caught on, they were shaped into animals and fun objects! It was such a treat around Christmas!

Who knew there was so much history attached to Christmas treats right? I think the craziest thing I learned while googling about cookie history was why cookies were left out for Santa. It turns out, the tradition was introduced to children during the Great Depression to encourage generosity. Clearly, it stuck! All I’ve ever known is to leave cookies out for Santa!! 

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