This is not sponsored in any way. Just a cool experience, and I wanted to share my feelings and opinions!

My sister was here a couple of weeks ago and she’s been needing new glasses, so we decided to hit up Warby Parker. If you don’t know who or what this is, I highly recommend them after watching my sister’s experience first hand.

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OneTwo / Three / Four / Five

I have this new obsession of just wearing black tees with basically everything! I love that it goes with most everything that I own, it’s flattering, and it’s a lot harder to see the yucky stuff that my kids stick on me! I mean, I love a good white tee but I get so worried when I have one on around my littles! I’m rounding up a couple of my current black tee closet staples for the summer! You can dress some of them up, or down depending on if you’re heading out on date night, or just to the splash pad! The best part? All are under $20!! #winning

Oh, and I finally tried the “pink drink” at Starbucks and I can officially see why it’s a rage! It’s. SO. GOOD. 

What are your summer closet staples?

I recently had a GIANT revelation. Like a super ginormous one. And since then, every girlfriend that is in my life has heard about it, and I finally decided that I needed to write about it since I just. Can’t. Stop talking about it.  So I’m going to ask you a question and you need to answer it honestly for your own good…

When was the last time you got yourself a bra fitting? 

I ask this because I couldn’t even remember when I did it. Was it high school? College? Who knows… But since then I guarantee my chest is definitely not the same size as it was whenever I did have a fitting. I’ve gained weight, lost weight, gotten pregnant, breastfed, lost weight, got knocked up again, gained weight, and nursed yet again. And now that it’s all behind me, I have zero clue as to what size bra I’m in since I’ve gone through a thousand changes. And I’ve been living in nothing but sport bras because I crave support because I have such horrible back pain. It was time for a change guys…

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My new fave tee for the weekends!! =)

Sundays… Always a day of endless errands, laundry, prepping, grocery shopping, and just preparing for the week ahead. Because I’m doing whole 30, it requires a little more work for sure to make sure I don’t “break” during the week! I talk more about this shortly!!! 

Nonetheless, I just wanted to do a lil’ round-up of random things that I’m obsessed with lately because I just wanna share the love!!

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My sweet little Aria has gotten into accessories as of late! Loves her bracelets, necklaces, and purses! She loves to fill them with things and carry them around as if trying to copy me!  I’m not going to lie though, I kind of love it! My own little mini me is the best thing any girl could’ve imagined! Am I right or am I right mamas? 


This sweet little shop, Ali Jane & Co.,  that makes the cutest purses ever has this adorable purse that has become one of Aria’s favorites!

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