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Samosas are one of those things in Indian culture that you will find all over the country. North, East, South, West. No joke…in every corner of India, it’s a very common snack that’s served up with tea when you guests over. It was time for me to come up with a recipe that was fast and easy to serve up when I also had guests over! 

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Me. All types of happy. Cuz pizza and carbs and cheese…and need I go on? 

Sooooo it’s Tuesday. And for some odd reason, I feel like it should already be Thursday…although I’m probably wishing that because my sister is coming into town that day and I’m just so dang excited!! 

Nonetheless, not sure if you caught my last coffee chat where I talk about trying out new restaurants, but for lunch today, we ventured out to a new pizza spot out in Round Rock (Austin, TX). People have been raving about this place and it was time to give it a go! My whole 30 diet went out the window, buttttt pizza ya know. #worthit

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