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Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! How was everyone’s Christmas/Holiday break? We did a whole lot of eating, hanging out with family, eating, watching TV, eating, taking naps, and then some more eating. HA. I mean it isn’t the holidays if you don’t eat a lot right?? =) 

But somewhere in the middle of all of that, we managed to knock out a little DIY that I’ve been dying to do to our master bedroom! If I could explain my elation about this, I would. I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am that this is the project we managed to get done over the holiday break!! I’ve been wanting to do something to the horribly ugly back wall behind our bed because I detest that awful paint color our home came with. *barf* What’s worse you ask? IT’S ALL OVER MY HOUSE!!! #killmenow

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We are a week away from Christmas and all that means is that things are getting crazier and hectic! YIKES.  Lots of holiday shopping, parties galore, and stress! The last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to fancy up your table for Christmas/Christmas Eve dinner. Am I right? You want it to look beautiful of course, but let’s be real. Keeping it simple is something everybody can get on board with given everything else we need to worry about! 

My friend was hosting a little girls night out ornament exchanged and asked me to come up with name place cards, and I know I wanted to create something that was easy, inexpensive, and potentially something that was going to look good no matter how the table was decorated! 

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I’m pretty sure I have a black thumb, which is obviously a terrible way to start this post given its about gardening…  But I’ll go ahead and continue anyhow…Not sure where I got it considering that my mom has a pretty green thumb…I’m guessing gardening is not a hereditary trait. HA. Buttttttttt, because I’ve been doing whole 30 and just trying to eat cleaner, I’ve been using a ton of herbs for making my meals! I’ve even been adding mint and lemon to my water just to switch it up sometimes instead of plain ol’ boring water!

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TP Link ||

The concept of having a smart home can seem foreign and scary to some, but I’m here to tell you that the world is evolving, and has it made so simple for all to use. I love having a smart home that I can cater to my specific needs, and make my life even simpler, something I appreciate so much being the mom of two littles! 

TP-Link’s new line of Smart Home products, such as the bulb, the plug, and the light switch are completely seamless with Wi-Fi integration. Control and integrate everything via a simple, and user friendly app, Kasa. What’s even more beneficial is you can secure your home and lower your energy footprint by using  TP-Link’s line of Smart Home products.You can also schedule your light and/or power usage to suit your unique routine and needs, and even activate voice control via the Amazon Echo/Dot and have Alexa help you with all your needs! 

One of the best features is the affordability. All the products range between $29.99 – $49.99, and if you use the coupon you could save 20% through December 31, 2016 with coupon code “TPLinkSmart”. What a great christmas gift guys!!

I know you’re probably wondering how these could be implemented through your home, so here are the ways I chose to make my home smart using TP-Link. 

1. Smart Wi-Fi Plug with my Christmas Tree

TP-Link Smart Wifi Plug ||

I sometimes worry about leaving the tree on when I leave the house for a really long time, so I love having the ease of being able to use the Kasa app to turn it off if I forget to do in the hurry of getting out of the house with the kids! Plus, it allows me to monitor how much energy my tree is using this holiday season! We’ve also integrated with our Amazon Dot, so Aria loves to tell Alexa to turn our tree!! These kids are going to grow up basically talking to their houses! Watching their faces light up with the Christmas tree on their command has to be one of the coolest things. 

All you have to do it just stick the plug into the outlet you’d like to use! I don’t think it can get any easier than that! No hub required since it all works seamlessly with Wi-Fi!

TP-Link Smart Plug || www.alfasengupta.comTP-Link Smart Wifi Plug ||

2. Keeping the kiddos and I safe with the Smart Wi-fi Light Switch

One of the things I fear the most is coming home to a dark house with Aria and Rishi. Especially with it getting dark so fast outside nowadays with daylight savings, I love being able to walk into a house that’s already lit up. Makes me feel safe, which is such a giant priority for me since having a family. 

TP-Link Smart Wifi Light Switch ||

You might worry about the installation here, but I think it took a whole of 10 minutes start to finish! 

TP-Link Smart Wifi Light Switch || TP-Link Smart Wifi Light Switch ||

And now when I come home, I pull into my driveway, and am able to just open up the app and have all my kitchen lights turn on before I come into the house!! You can see it all in my video at the bottom of this post!

3. Creating a fun mood and ambience with the Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb

TP-Link Smart WiFi Bulb || TP-Link Smart Wifi Bulb ||

This literally has to be the easiest and one of the coolest things to change in your house! Make any lamp or light fixture become smart but switching out the bulb!!  I chose to do a lamp that is in my living room since that is where the majority of our dance parties happen! HA. And now I can control the lamp with my app, or Alexa! Best of all, I can change the color of the bulb to fit the mood of our party! 

TP-Link Smart Wifi Bulb || TP-Link Smart Wifi Bulb || TP-Link Smart Wifi Bulb || 

Now, Rishi and Aria love to go up to the lamp and tell us what color they would like it be before we turn on the music! Rishi was just screaming “blueeee, blueeee!!!” the other day at the lamp! These kids pick up the ease and use of these things so quickly!

Watch this video below to actually see how easily all of the smart products can be installed and used within minutes! 

Are you pretty convinced that having a smart home is amazing technology that you can tailor to fit any need you may have?! Don’t forget that you can save through the end of the year to save 20% with coupon code “TPLinkSmart”!

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Love, Alfa


Easter Sunday is just around the corner, and I know everyone is planning brunches and lunches! And the best of all, Easter egg hunts! I’m honestly so excited because I feel like this is the first year that Aria will actually have a blast hunting for eggs! I’m guessing we will have to bring Rishi eggs. =)

Nonetheless, it’s always fun to have a pretty table set up for guests when they come over. Playing host can be oh so fun!

I wanted to come up with a cute, stress free way of creating decor for the party. All you’ll need are flowers and eggs!! I mean, it doesn’t get any easier than that! 

Because it’s spring, there are so many beautiful flower options everywhere! I almost bought tulips for this fun centerpiece, but went with ranunculus! I mean, these colors were beyond gorgeous and I just couldn’t get past it given that I got the entire bunch for $10!! YASSSSSSS. 

The other thing you may want is a little dish to actually put the egg shells in but they look pretty cute on their own as well. I saw this at the mothership (target, duh) and it was $7 so I jumped all over it. I couldn’t find it on the site to link it but thought this one would look so cute too!!

Start with cracking the eggs with a butter knife all the way around in the center so it breaks relatively evenly so you can use one egg to create two “vases”. You can always keep the eggs to make a brunch dish! No waste here!

I then very carefully lightly rinsed out the inside of the shell with a bit of water so that it could the flowers without getting all the runny egg juice on it. Ew. Sounds gross when typed like that. 

Cut the flowers and start arranging!! I always like to add greenery so went ahead and also used the leaves of the stems.

Here is an example of what it would look like without using an egg dish. How adorbs is that? I die. Too stinkin’ cute.

Folks. It’s just that simple. It literally took me a total of 10 minutes to arrange this! Talk about being ready for a party completely stress free! You’re going to look like you spent hours on these! Work smart, not hard friends. 

What are your Easter plans?!