How far along: 12 weeks! Can’t believe I’m 3 months pregnant! Only 6 months left to go…

Size of our sweet baby: This week our baby is the size of a lime…A little over 2 inches. Look how it’s so tiny in my hand! I can’t believe that’s how small our little peanut is!

Maternity clothes: Not yet but I did buy my first pair of cute mint skinnies from a maternity store! That itself was super exciting! 

Gender: Don’t know!

Sleep: Still pretty exhausted most of the time but not nearly as much as a month ago which is great. I keep hearing that women get their energy back in the second trimester and I’m really hoping that happens to me! 

Food Cravings: Pizza and Coke! I could seriously eat pizza all day long! I just want it allllllllll the time! The funny thing about that is that when my mom was pregnant with me, she craved pizza all the live long day! Like mother, like daughter? PROBABLY!

What I Miss: Being able to stay up past 10 PM! I’m so tired by the time 10 o’clock hits that I’m practically a zombie! I also miss being able to sleep through the night…my bladder always has other plans around 3 or 4 AM, and it’s definitely not sleep. 

Symptoms: A little bit of exhaustion. Still not as hungry as I expected to be so I’m mostly force feeding myself to make sure Baby S is getting food. Bathroom trips are still pretty constant…TMI? Oh well, I’m pretty sure everything about pregnancy is TMI! 

Belly Button: Still an Innie!

Best Moments of This Week:
– Going to the doctor’s office on Tuesday and hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time! It was beating at a rate of 155/min! FAST! Baby did NOT want to sit still so the sonographer had a hard time getting great shots, but we still walked out with amazing pictures!

– Sending out pregnancy announcement cards was also amazing! Just knowing that the rest of our family was going to find out about the little miracle made us feel so good! Here is the card close friends and family received!

– The best moment of this week had to be when I got the call from the doctor’s office letting me know that everything from the genetic test came back negative! We could not be happier parents-to-be at that moment.   That adrenaline rush you get from finding out such great news is one of the best feelings ever!

– Another amazing moment was when my my mom and dad told all their friends! Here are the proud grandparents-to-be at a Mother’s Day party announcing the good news! Also, I announced it to Facebook on Mother’s Day! Always a good milestone to hit when you can tell the entire world!


How far along: 8 weeks

Size of our sweet baby: Raspberry

Maternity clothes: Not yet!

Gender: Don’t know!

Sleep: Exhausted all the time! Am loving naps right now! Of course,getting up so many times during the night to run to the bathroom..that part, not so fun.

Food Cravings: Anything and Everything unhealthy! This little baby doesn’t want to eat healthy at all! Not a huge fan of meat right now either…

What I Miss: Sleeping through the guess is this is what prepares you for motherhood. Also, not having to run to the bathroom all the time! 

Symptoms: Exhaustion and Nausea..ALL THE TIME. 

Belly Button: Still an Innie!

Best Moments of This Week:
-When we went to the doctor for our 8 week appointment and saw our little peanut and the heart pumping! Hearing the doctor say that things were looking good and that everything is moving along normally and healthy, was wonderful to hear!

-Then we went to see Amber and Joey’s new little bundle of joy, Hayes, and told a couple of friends about the pregnancy! Was exciting to share the news with more people! What a sweet baby Hayes is!

-Last but not least, we told Mashi! We sent her the video we took of the heart beating and waited for her response! She was so thrilled and even more exciting about visiting this summer! =)

We then went down to the Woodlands over the weekend to hang out with Rudra’s mom! It was a good time as we hadn’t gotten to spend time with her in a while! Had a good time while in the Woodlands as I hadn’t been there in years and Rudra gave me a tour! Not the greatest pic but oh well!

Overall, a pretty good week with lots of amazing stuff going on! With every passing day, I get more and more excited!

Well, one more week closer and only…………………….35 MORE TO GO! Haha…that’s a long way to go before this little peanut arrives. This week flew by so quickly! We were busy packing up because Rudra was leaving for Penang on Thursday(3/21) and was going to be gone for 9 days, which of course meant I’m going to Houston!

On Thursday before I was leaving for Houston, we ended up having to tell Rudra’s mum/dad/sis about the pregnancy! I really wanted to wait until April when we saw her in person in Houston but sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way you want it and is even better! Once we told her she said that she would stay longer in Austin with us in June! Win Win situation! Both Didi and Mum founded out at the same time and they were both screaming on the phone with excitement! Then, we called Dad. He was just chatting on the phone when Rudra and I finally had to interrupt him with “We’re pregnant Dad!”. He immediately wanted us to get on Skype! Once we were on, his smile was from ear to ear…Good feeling.

 I then drove down to Houston and when I walked in, handed my mom a gift with a lil’ onesie and a card stating that the due date is the same as her birthday this year! She was so excited and couldn’t be more happy about becoming a grandma! Next was my sister. She came home from school and found a gift bag as well. She first put the little onesie on herself, and about a millisecond later she realized what it meant! Her face lit up and she was thrilled to be an aunt! Last was the dad. He got home and unwrapped a little frame that read “The best Babas get promoted to Dadu” and he was like “Are you serious?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Immediate hugs and excitement followed! I can tell this little peanut is going to be showered with so much love and he or she is not even here yet!!!!

The frame I gave to my dad!

Mom and Mini with the onesies!!

Close up of the onesies!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!

This week has been great from the standpoint that we found out we’re going to have Baby S in 8 months! BUT, that also meant that I had to go in for hCG level testing twice (1st reading was 592 and two days later, it was 1692!!) to make sure everything was progressing properly. Well, that means needles. And if you know me, you know I HATE needles! I know that when I tell other mothers this issue, their reaction is always the same: “Get ready because you have 8 months of needles!” I know, I know…just get off my back already and let me freak out a little! 🙂

Anyway, it’s super cute how protective Rudra is already. “Don’t do this!”… “Don’t do that!”… “Don’t pick up that bag”… And I’m like, “You mean that bag that’s as light as feather?”.. HAHA. Love him for it for though.

Not sure why but I’ve just been unable to sleep as well. Waking up every night around 4 AM and then wanting to pass out around 3 PM when the afternoon hits. NOT FUN. We made our first appoint when we hit the 8 week milestone. I’m already counting down the days to April 9th when we get to hear the little munchkin’s heartbeat!

[name] Alfa. Yes that is my name. And no, I don’t have a sibling named Beta. (I get that joke A LOT!)

[age] 28 (birthday – Sept. 27) and a fun fact is that I share my birthday with my dad! Yup. I steal his thunder every year.

[about me] I live out in Austin, Texas with my best friend and husband, Rudra, and together we have two beautiful babies. All three of  them are the center of my universe, and I’m positive that they are the reason for my daily dose of happiness.
I’m a lover of food, red wine, and really good chocolate. Always been a muffin gal instead of cupcakes. I need coffee as much as I need oxygen. I talk way too much, and I’m pretty sure I can have an opinion on anything (which can sometimes result in “foot in mouth” syndrome). I have an obsession with rain and thunderstorms. I have an ongoing infatuation with travel, books, and mismatched coffee mugs. My biggest addiction however is Gilmore Girls. Don’t judge.
I always have never-ending projects going on because of my obsession with Pinterest and home decor are out of control, which thankfully the hubs tolerates with a gracious smile! My mind runs a mile a minute, and there are days I have no idea how to shut it off!

[about my blog] I started writing this blog in March 2013 to document my first pregnancy so that my friends and family members all over the world could feel connected to us while we went through this amazing journey. Once I realized how much I enjoyed blogging, I knew that I wanted to keep writing to share my stories about mommyhood and parenting blunders/successes with my readers. Over the past few years, I’ve started writing more and more about my recipes, DIY projects, home-decor, and whatever else is running through my head. I’m so thankful to have this little corner of the internet to document our life and all the little things that come with it.

Welcome to my life! 

Grab some coffee (or vino!) and stay a while!