Meet Alfa


[name] Alfa. Yes that is my name. And no, I don’t have a sibling named Beta. (I get that joke A LOT!)

[age] 35 (birthday – Sept. 27) and a fun fact is that I share my birthday with my dad! Yup. I steal his thunder every year.

[about me] I live out in Austin, Texas with my best friend and husband, Rudra, and together we have two beautiful babies. All three of  them are the center of my universe, and I’m positive that they are the reason for my daily dose of happiness.
I’m a lover of coffee, food, red wine, and really good chocolate. Always been a muffin gal instead of cupcakes. I need coffee as much as I need oxygen. I talk way too much, and I’m pretty sure I can have an opinion on anything (which can sometimes result in “foot in mouth” syndrome). I have an obsession with rain and thunderstorms. I have an ongoing infatuation with travel, books, and mismatched coffee mugs. My biggest addiction however is Gilmore Girls. Don’t judge.
I always have never-ending projects going on because of my obsession with Pinterest and home decor are out of control, which thankfully the hubs tolerates with a gracious smile! My mind runs a mile a minute, and there are days I have no idea how to shut it off!

[about my blog] I started writing this blog in March 2013 to document my first pregnancy so that my friends and family members all over the world could feel connected to us while we went through this amazing journey. Once I realized how much I enjoyed blogging, I knew that I wanted to keep writing to share my stories about mommyhood and parenting blunders/successes with my readers. Over the course of the past year, things have changed and now I’m mainly talking about how we can include creativity in our life daily! I’m all about pulling creativity out of everyone, and to start I wanna just shout from the rooftops about getting your doodle on! Grab a few markers and pens, and head on over to my doodle page to start practicing! If you have no idea where to start, head to this post! Wanna just color?? 

Welcome to my life! 

Grab some coffee (or vino…No judgement here! ) and stay a while!



  1. August 10, 2014 / 12:07 AM

    Hi Alfa! So glad to paired with you for the Happy Mail Project 🙂 Looking forward to learning more about you through your blog!

    Hsiao-Ting (

  2. March 21, 2015 / 9:07 PM

    I came across your blog via Austin Women Bloggers and I'm so glad I did. Your blog is simplicity at it's best-beautiful. I look forward to reading more…


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