Coffee Mug Tutorial


Happy new year friends! I haven’t posted on here since April of 2020, right after we found out about covid.  And thanks to the pandemic my world came crashing down after I got let go from my job. Kids were home. I had to learn to become a teacher while we did virtual school that fall. And I can tell you, I’m not cut out for that at all. Everything was shut down. Life was different. It was a tough year, to say the least.

But it was a growth year as I learned later. Figured out a lot during that time, and 2021 was even better and even more growth. I started a new job, and I absolutely love it. It’s made me happy and brought so much more joy into my life. I’ve met wonderful people because of it, and I’m thrilled that there are companies out there in the world who actually care about mothers and all the roles they take on. I didn’t think it existed after what happened to me in 2020, but it turns out it’s out there. 

It’s now 2022, and time to share more of my tutorials with you guys on here. I’ve missed drawing and painting, and I tried Patreon last year, and while I loved it, I don’t think I have the bandwidth to juggle that, life, motherhood, and my career all at once. I gave it a lot of thought, and I thought why not just post both on my own platform (blog) and Instagram for now! If you’re asking why both, it’s because I never know what will happen with Instagram, but I have full control of my website and so I know it’ll always be something I can turn to. 

Anyhow, enough rambling! You can see at the top, how to draw the coffee mug and here is the tutorial for painting a coffee mug with watercolors! Take it slow, and go at your own pace! Pause as much as you need. 

See you guys soon!

Love, Alfa

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