Valentine Doodle Series: let’s TACO bout’ how awesome you are!

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It’s LOVE week! And once again, I’m going to tell you that Valentine’s isn’t just for a significant others! It can be for ALL THE PEOPLE WHO MATTER TO YOU! With that said, learn how to draw this cutie lil’ taco for someone who is awesome! 

Too difficult?? Well practice sis! You’re not looking to be perfectionist in one try right? Think about how much we encourage others to get back up on the horse when you fall off! This is no different! 

Ok, Ok. I hear you..You just literally don’t have the time. Well, I gotchu. Snag it from my Etsy shop for a buck!

Feel free to pin since this something you can draw year round! It’s not actually valentine specific! It could easily be for a birthday, an anniversary, or any sort of special occasion! 


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