Valentine Doodle Series – Churr’ All I Need + Free Printable!

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Churr’ All I Need. Is this cute or what? It’s Friday and that doesn’t mean that the valentine doodles are over! These are love notes and not just for the month of February!! You can hand one of these adorable little cards to someone special in your life anytime, and can you imagine how excited they would be?!

You can watch the video below and practice, or just grab the card for FREE by subscribing below! 


Too tough? It’s ok, you just gotta draw it a few times to get it right! You can’t expect it to be perfect right from the start! If you don’t have the time, I get that too, so you can just subscribe below and grab the card for free!

Feel free to pin since this something you can draw year round! It’s not actually valentine specific! It could easily be for a birthday, an anniversary, or any sort of special occasion! 


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