Treat Yo’ Shelves!

I know, I know. Everyone is talking about resolutions and intentions and it can get kinda annoying. But the way I see it, is that it’s all positive energy! And I’m 100% on board with that. Just because there are all these people talking about how they are going to eat better, workout, drink 800 oz of water, spend less time on their phone, get more sleep, or take care of themselves doesn’t mean we all need to grimace about how it might not pan out for them, or that resolutions never work. WHAT DOES IT MATTER?! If people have positive energy and they are excited, let them! Don’t be a negative nancy…we already have so much crap going on in the world…there is no need for more of that pessimistic kind of attitude. 

With that said, I have very basic resolutions for this year for myself since we are on the brink of a lot of changes as our career paths change in the next few weeks! But the one thing I do want to do for myself since I actually love it so much is to read more. I loved to read as a kid, and if I want to foster that and teach my children that books are awesome and can do so much for our brains and imagination, then I need to practice what I preach. #truthbombs

So I made this cool little tracker to keep with me so as I finish, I can add book titles. I’m one of those people who love lists, and to cross things off. It literally makes my day! So, I figured this could be a great motivator as I jot down titles throughout the year! You can download this by scrolling down to the bottom and grabbing it there! Also, if you’re into suspense or thrillers, I highly recommend reading “The Silent Patient”. It was something I literally couldn’t put down in devoured within two days last summer. Just a little something to get you started in case you’re in need of a good book!

I think the way I’ll look at is it to use each shelf for each third of the year. That way I can really keep track of how much I’m reading every 4 months. If you’re wondering how I plan to accomplish this, I’m making it a habit to read before I go to bed. Just 15-30 minutes. I think it can make a difference and that way I don’t just lay in bed and scroll social media. SUCH A BAD HABIT Y’ALL. And in order to break that habit, I need to fill it with something good! 

I hope I can inspire you to do the same. Whether you fill the whole page, or just a shelf, it’s all about just reading. Autobiography, murder mystery, romance, thriller, suspense, nonfiction, short stories, or young adult. It doesn’t matter! Just read guys!! 


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