ARIA | 5 Years Old

Happy fifth birthday to my little doll!! Can’t believe that you’re a whole 5 years old! It was crazy to think that 5 years ago, we were in a hospital room as new parents, just holding you since you were born at 4:49AM. Aria’s birth story!

How five years have flown by is something I’ll never know. This is your last year of PreK which is also nuts! In less than a year, you’ll be a full blown kindergartner!!! Somebody hand me some tissues, STAT. 

Super sensitive, very emotional, and takes a while to open up to people. She’s very guarded and only lets a few people within her walls. Independent, loves her brother even though she fights with him the most, and has a giant sweet tooth. 

Obsessed with The Incredibles, The Greatest Showman, coloring and crafting, gymnastics, music, and unicorns. Your fave spot to eat is Chuy’s (a mexican restaurant) because whenever we ask where she wants to go eat, her answer is always Chuys! It’s probably where we will end up for dinner tonight for her birthday.

Hard worker, quick learner, and rule follower are things that have always been traits of hers described by her teachers. 

Sometimes, I feel like you’re my twin. She has picked up so many of my mannerisms, it’s so scary! There are moments where I feel as though I’m looking right into a mirror!!! 

Daddy’s girl through and through and has him wrapped around her little finger.

As as for me, she’s my pal. My special helper. My buddy. My bestie. My daughter who has such a special spot in my heart no one could ever have. I love you to the moon and back, or perhaps just like the way you say it to me which is my favorite: “I love you to the moon and back and to the sun and back.” 

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