A lil’ trip to San Antonio!

We took a little trip to San Antonio a couple of weekends ago as a fun little vacation since Rudy’s company picnic is always at Six Flags Fiesta Texas! They end up renting out the park for their employees, which is so fabulous because it means no lines basically! If there is a line, it’s SO incredibly fast! 

But because we knew that it would just be crazy with the holidays coming up, we thought it’d be fun to make a whole weekend out of it and spend a few days up in SA! And it was a BLAST! 

We stayed right on the Riverwalk so we could spend most of our time hanging out around downtown and not be driving everywhere. The hotel we stayed at was the most perfect location. It was near everything, which made it so convenient which is the name of the game when you’re doing anything with kids! 

Our time at Six Flags was amazing! This is the first year we’ve taken the kids. We used to go as just the two of us, but haven’t been back and figured since they were a little older to be able to ride a couple of the rides, it was perfect timing. This was actually their first amusement park, and watching their excitement was everything and more! 

It was a little chilly but definitely warmed up throughout the day which was perfect because I honestly think it would’ve been worse if we had to spend all that time at the park in the normal Texas heat! 


With everything that we did, I think the one thing my kids enjoyed the most was the hotel! They kept asking to go back to the hotel whenever we would leave! An sit reminded me of when I was little and how much I loved to just be in a hotel! I mean, I still love it now, so I totally get it!

I can’t wait again til’ next year! I’m hoping they ride even more of the rides because they kept asking to go on so many but didn’t necessarily meet the height requirements for some of the big ones! 

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