One Shirt, Four Ways.

waffle tie shirt, leggings, converse, comfy mom outfit, shirt flatlay

This shirt has got to be one of my favorite recent additions to my closet. It’s so comfy, nursing friendly since the buttons are actually functional, and it can be worn in so many ways!! I was so excited when I got it that I knew I had to share! Plus, it’s under $20 and will be at your door within two days if you’ve got Amazon. 


1 // With shorts, and loafers

I feel like this is perfect for when you’re transitioning from summer to fall which is what we are still doing down here in Texas. It’s cold during the morning but heats up real quick once you get to the afternoon hours. This is perfection for that. You obviously can pair this with any shoes, but it looked so cute that I had to with the ones I got from Target. I think I could also use this for transitioning from spring to summer because of the similar temperature challenges. 

waffle tie shirt, leggings, converse, comfy mom outfit, shorts

2 // With Jeans and Booties

The absolute perfect combo for fall!! Booties, jeans, and this shirt!! You can even throw on a cardigan or a jacket like #3, and it would look just as cute!

waffle tie shirt, leggings, converse, comfy mom outfit, booties, jeans

3// With Leggings, a Cardigan, & OTK (over-the-knee) Boots

This was such a cute, yet comfy outfit! Leggings with OTK boots are the jam!!! All levels of comfort paired with a bit of style. The perfect combo. Plus, these are my absolute fave leggings! They suck it all in and have a little bit of lace-up detail that just adds a lil’ somethin’ somethin’. 

waffle tie shirt, leggings, converse, comfy mom outfit, over the knee boots

4// With Leggings and Converse

This is the ultimate comfortable mom outfit. I’d wear this as a travel outfit too! Perfect for running errands, or chasing the kids. 

Which one is your favorite?! 

Save it so next time you’re stuck in a bind on what to wear, you can scroll through Pinterest and use this as inspiration!

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