5 Essential Things You Need To Create The Perfect Craft Cart!

If you don’t know yet, I’m all about my kids creating and crafting all day, errday. I love for them to be able to have access to anything that helps them create, and use their hands. This is exactly why I keep a little craft cart in my kitchen so it’s always at arms reach! Plus, it really helps to have it readily available when you’re making meals or doing anything in the kitchen. 

So with that said, I wanted to bring you the five essential things to keep on this cart so you can also encourage more crafting in your home! And potentially, make dinner in peace…I mean, a mom can dream right?

Before I get started, I wanted to make a quick note about the cart I used. It was from IKEA, and I wasn’t a huge fan of the color, so I literally spray painted the whole thing gold before I put it together! And I’m kind of obsessed with how cute it turned out! Plus, it has casters, so I can move it around or closer to the dining table if need be!

1 // Paper, Coloring Books, Stickers  

Let’s start with the obvious. They are going to need something to draw/color on so I keep paper handy. I just pick up a giant ream of copy paper, and it lasts me a looooooooong time.  And then I’ll pick up coloring books and stickers from the dollar section at Michaels/Target/Dollar Store so that if they just want to color, that option is also there. Plus, my kids go gaga over stickers so I’ll always have a stack for them to make cards or whatever. My only extra suggestion would be to get a little file organizer, so you can separate all these things instead of stacking them on top of each other. This comes from experience, and your cart starts to fall apart pretty quickly. 

2 // Crayons and Markers

They are going to need something to actually color or draw with, so I keep an array of markers and crayons. I make sure they are all washable, because otherwise god only knows my dining table would never survive. I will sometimes even buy two packs because I like to have backups as markers dry out, since those tend to be the favorite for my kiddos! 

3 // Cutting Box

Use this one with your own discretion. My kids are old enough to use safety scissors, which is why I created this cutting box and my tots absolutely love it! Plus, it helps with crafting as they can cut things and glue and make whatever their little heart desires!

4 // Glue

Glue. Another one of those that totally depends on how much freedom you want to give. I definitely just use glue sticks and that seems to be ok for the most part. I’m not ready to hand over a whole Elmer’s glue bottle just yet.  I will say, my favorite glue stick is the disappearing purple glue stick. They can see it on the paper and I think it helps them to actually be more precise! 

5 // Puzzles

Now to be fair, this doesn’t really fit in the realm of creating but I like to always have puzzles around for when they want to do something different. And I’ll sometimes even rotate this out with other activities dependent on what they are really into, just to give them a break from the markers and all!

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I hope this helps a little bit! I find my kids at this thing at least 3-4x a day, especially Aria who is obsessed with art in every which way! 


 Pin it for later to get all the sources so you can have one in your breakfast area! I highly suggest keeping it in a spot where you’re always, such as the kitchen or so because they can be occupied while you get some stuff done! 

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  • Stephanie
    June 22, 2018

    I just made a snack and activity cart similar to this and it’s a summer lifesaver! Love yours!