Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him : The Techie! (15 under $100)

First of all, HAPPY FRIDAY!! It’s the freakin’ weekend, and Valentine’s Day is next week guys! Didn’t we just ring in the new year?? 2018 is literally flying by and I’m just always playing catch up basically! 

ANYWHOOOO, I always struggle with finding the perfect gift for Rudy whether it’s his birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or Christmas. I assume a lot of other women may suffer in the same ways as we guess what they might want or like. 

So, I finally sat down with Rudy and we came up with a list of ideas he would’ve loved to get or things that are still on his wishlist! I figured, I’d share them with you guys! Especially if you have a husband that loves technology like mine. Mine is probably on the end of the spectrum of tech-obsessed, but these were ones that we have and that I also use, so I felt good making recommendations on these! 

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ONE // Echo Dot 

The perfect little gift who can answer all sorts of questions thanks to Alexa! Plus, we use it so he can add to the grocery list or play music. It’s gotta be one of my top faves as a gift and for $40, how can you go wrong?!

TWO // 13 inch Felt Laptop Sleeve

Because who doesn’t need a laptop sleeve? We all have them, and you may as well add a little carrying case for his laptop! 

THREE // Desktop Stand for Apple Macbook

I know what you’re thinking. This seems like a bit much I know, but we love having a spot to put our laptops after we get home versus just on the counter because, who doesn’t love having some good ol’ counter space. It’s out of the way, looks clean and tidy. C’mon! It’s a mom’s dream!  This is one of those things that are a want, definitely not a need! But, now that it’s in my life, I freaking LOVE it!

FOUR // Eton FRX5-BT Emergency Weather Radio with Bluetooth and Smartphone Charger

This is one of my top ones. We’ve used it a couple of times when we’ve faced bad weather and have had to hunker down in the bathroom cuz of hurricanes/tornadoes. Practical, and really good thing to have for those emergency situations. 

FIVE // AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofer

So, we don’t own this but it’s on my husband’s wish list. It’s a speaker in front of your TV that helps you to hear the dialogue really well on those super quiet movies or shows. It also helps turn down the commercial down which is a huge plus. Like why are commercials SO loud?! Most of the time, the speakers on your TV are pretty average so this will help amplify it and make it sound amazing! Plus it’s compact and will fit right underneath! 

SIX // Koomus Magnetos CD Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount

If you have a CD player, this is the jam for holding your phone in the car while driving! I highly recommend it! 

SEVEN // Anker SoundBuds Curve Bluetooth Headphones

I have these and love them! Whether I’m using them at home, or for working out, they are legit! 

EIGHT // Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger, One of the Smallest and Lightest

We all need a portable charger right? Our phones get used so much and you always need a good charger around that isn’t going to die all the time and die like your phone, and this is it. It’s small, light, and powerful. 

NINE // Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub

Now this smart garage hub is AWESOME. How many times do you leave the house and wonder if you closed your garage? Me, not that many times. But Rudy, I think he asked me every time we left the house. Then he bought this, and now we can control when the garage opens right from our phone! It also helps let people into our house if we ever just want them to go in through the garage. IT ROCKS YOU GUYS. 

TEN // YI Home Camera, Wi-Fi IP Indoor Security System with Motion Detection

When we traveled to Mexico two years ago, we had our fire alarm go off and luckily our neighbors were there to help and solve the situation with the team that showed up at the house. Luckily, it was a false alarm and all was ok. A story for another day, but we knew that we wanted to be able to look inside our house without us being there when we traveled, and this camera is perfect for that! Let’s us also check in on babysitters when we go out for date night and things (yes, they know). Either way, we love this thing and it’s already been used so many times and been helpful. 

ELEVEN // nobiggi Original Finger Strap

Pop sockets are not our jam. I don’t like the ring either. Just never feels as secure. BUT, this thing is amazing. Slip your finger in. It’s discreet, and it’s by far better than the other two options I’ve used and Rudy got me hooked. Doesn’t hurt your fingers. Your phone still lays flat, which was a big deal to me because I hated how it wouldn’t do that when I had the pop socket / ring on my phone. HA. #fwp But seriously, this thing ROCKS. 

TWELVE // Bestand 2 in 1 Apple iwatch Charging Stand Holder

Another thing, that’s obviously not a necessity. I mean, to be fair, none of the things on this list are but that’s why they are gifts!  This is the extra thing that helps keep all of his gadgets organized and charging! 


Drone. C’mon guys. This is a no-brainer. It’s like giving my son a remote controlled car. This is just a more fun version and the perfect “toy” for the guy in your life. 

FOURTEEN // Mkeke Apple Watch Band 42mm Genuine Leather iwatch Replacement Band for Apple Watch

My husband loves watches but ever since he bought the apple watch, he doesn’t wear the other ones as much. So i loved this other band that made it look more “watch-like”, and it looks really good!

FIFTEEN // Amazon Basics Lightning to USB A Cable

A lightning cable… That is 6 feet long… Nuff said. Everyone needs this in their life. 


Hope some of these help give you ideas on what to gift that guy in your life! Always such a struggle to find the perfect thing so I hope these get your mind running to find that perfect something! 

Pin it, so you can come back to it in case you need more ideas for the man in your life for other occasions!

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  • Lilly
    February 25, 2018

    My hubby would love absolutely any and all of these! Love your blog!

    • Alfa
      → Lilly
      February 27, 2018

      Thanks so much!! Yes, he picked out 99% of these items so I felt confident in suggesting them!