Coffee Chat Vol. 2

Hey hey hey! It’s the weekend and who isn’t happy about that, am I right?  It’s been crazy town over here these last couple of months as I’ve been trying to get back into the corporate world, and it’s actually happening! EEEEEEK! I start work in a few weeks, and I’m nervous excited! However, I will say shopping for clothes are that office appropriate has been really fun, since I basically have been out of the workforce for nearly 4 years, and have been donning the #momwardrobe errday. Everything I owned was completely out of style or didn’t fit me any longer. Yikes…so, hello new clothes!

Anywhooooooo, because I’ve been so out of the loop, figured I’d do a little update and what’s currently going on around here…

// I’m back on Whole 30. After our little vacation to Playa at the beginning of June, and with family visiting, we’ve just been eating junk nonstop. I felt icky and just needed a little reset again and I figured the perfect way to kickstart it would be to jump back to Whole 30! This is one of my top faves to eat as a meal… bacon (whole 30 compliant), sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, and apples. All roasted on one pan in the oven. Easy, peasy, dunzo. 

// Been reading a lot lately at night and currently, I’m reading The Five Love Languages and I’m truly intrigued by it. It’s been recommended to me by so many people and I honestly am loving it. I also just finished, The Girl With Seven Names, and that was such a good book to the point I just couldn’t put it down and is the first one I’ve been recommending to everyone. Nonfiction, gripping, and a real page turner. 

// I’ve actually started loving Podcasts recently while I drive after dropping the kids off, and my absolute fave has got to be How I Built This and there are quite a few I love from that series: The Kendra Scott one, The Drybar one, Spanxx, and Whole Foods. So inspiring and motivating to appreciate the hustle of these hardworking entrepreneurs. I always listen to one and feel motivated to do a little more daily…

// As for the things that I’m currently watching, that includes Wentworth which I’m technically re-watching to catch up so I can binge on the new season 5! My current trash TV includes, RHOC and Teen Mom. #nojudgies

// The hubs and I actually got to spend some quality time together last week. We would drop the kids off, and then spend those next few hours hanging out together which is something we have never gotten to do during the daytime. We have no family around here unfortunately, so we are always dependent upon babysitters at night, but having morning time opened up so many other options to check out in and around our beloved Austin! It was amazing to connect, have a conversation at a coffee shop, and just walk around a museum, or go eat at a restaurant while the sun is out. =)

// The kids as of late are playing together so much more and it’s fun to actually see their bond grow. The other day, they both ran upstairs to play, and didn’t come down for 35 minutes! Hello hot cup of coffee and a book! =)  They are both going to school now for a longer part of the day so that I could actually return to work, so that’s been a fun adjustment as well. #sensethesarcasm Either way, they have gotten so much older these last few months. Rish can’t stop talking and every day, he adds so many words to his vocabulary and it’s the cutest thing. Aria basically talks about her fourth birthday party like it’s happening tomorrow (it’s in November), and wants to plan the whole thing out. Our current running theme for her birthday is unicorns and rainbows, and I honestly love it. I hope she sticks to it because I definitely think it’ll be the cutest little fourth birthday I’ll get to put together for her! 

// I’m on a cleaning binge and have been purging so much of the house. I’m just so tired of the amount of STUFF that we own, that I’m just plain over it. I’ve started with redoing our entire closet and cleaning out old items, and it just feels. so. good. I will say, organizing is so damn expensive…anyone else feel that way?? Like whyyyyyy? 

// Been trying to test out a few restaurants around town because there are just SO MANY good ones! And a few nights ago, I finally tested out Tiny Boxwood and it was the cutest little restaurant ever! If you’re local (or live in Houston since they have one there!) check out this spot! Amazing food, beautiful decor, and stellar service! Plus, the cookies are to die for!! 

Aside from all of this, we’ve just been doing summer and life! Lots of pool time, relaxing, and just plain ol’ hanging out while it just gets hotter and hotter!

Well..that’s a tiny little update from my end. It’s now pouring, and summer thunderstorms have their own kind of magic in my opinion so I guess we are just going to have a nice little, cozy night in. 

Happy Saturday! xo. 

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