Healthy Snacks by Lorissa’s Kitchen!

It’s Sunday, which normally means a lot of meal prepping for the week ahead, and making sure we have a smooth one! Hectic weeks are always the norm around here anyway with lots of activities, work, and the craziness that ensues with having a 2 and a 3 year old! So I like to stay ahead of the game and plan my meals and healthy snacks before that #manicmonday rolls around! 

I normally try to do my grocery shopping on Saturday because I HATE going to the grocery store on Sunday. I’d rather listen to scratching nails on a chalkboard, while walking on legos, and hearing my kids scream incessantly into my ears. I can literally go on and on about all the things I’d rather do than wrangle a cart with all the people at the grocery store. Yes…that’s how much I despise it. BUT, I digress…

One of our go to snacks during the week are these amazing Lorissa’s Kitchen snacks! I always try to look for things that keep me full and with 11 grams of protein per serving, I’m not constantly starving! A MOMMY WIN!! Plus, I love being able to toss them in my purse or diaper bag because they are so portable in re-sealable packet! 

Other benefits of these little meat snacks are they are all responsibly raised, antibiotic free, no added growth hormones, no nitrites, no added MSG, no preservatives, and they are gluten free!! I feel great serving them to my kids as snacks too, since I feel like that is the one word I hear around here NONSTOP. Keeps me happy that I gave them some thing instead of the dreaded fruit snacks, and their bellies stay full a little longer! You can learn more about Lorissa’s Kitchen story here!

All in all, the perfect little pick me up snack for crazy schedules and jam packed activities throughout the week! 

You can enter a sweepstakes to win a whole prize package filled with Lorissa’s Kitchen snacks, or buy some now by saving 20% off  on Amazon!! We’ve already devoured so many of these…trust me, you can’t just eat one! 

What are some healthy snacks you eat during the week?


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  • Emily
    June 5, 2017

    Those look delicious! I’m all about easy, but healthy, foods & snacks! And yes to no grocery runs on a Sunday. haha