Spring Cleaning: My Journey of Watercolor Painting

It all started with when my mother-in-law was visiting earlier this year, and casually mentioned that she noticed that I didn’t pick up my paintbrush anymore, and that struck me so incredibly hard. Not even sure why to be honest, but I’ve always been passionate about painting and artwork, and the fact that she realized that I’d kind of given up on painting really irked me, but in a good way. 

She was right. Why hadn’t I picked up my paintbrush? I had plenty of canvas and plenty of paint. So I did. Decided to listen to that inner part of my mind that said I should. Picked it back up and quickly realized how much I had missed it. Oh my, I had missed it dearly. 

The only medium I was truly comfortable with was acrylics, and I’m all about moving out of my comfort zone for some things, and this falls under that category. So I bought some watercolors, and before I knew it, I was beyond obsessed. Beyond obsessed. 

I’m now in the process of completely re-doing my shop, and adding a whole another section that is all watercolors vs. just having acrylics! This is scary, but exciting for me! It’s new to me, but that scary feeling of not knowing is what makes it so wonderful!

I call it my “spring cleaning” of my shop! A new look, a new fresh start, a new journey to fulfill this obsession that I didn’t even know I had. Step out of your comfort zones, and you never know what you may find friends! You can see more of my painting posts via my Instagram on a day to day basis! 

And of course, nothing is overnight. Everything takes time. Being an exhausted mother of two plays into that, so really the only time I get to paint is either at nap, or after they go to bed. So I give myself grace and say that transforming my shop will take time. 

“Nothing in Nature blooms all year. Be patient with yourself.”

To celebrate this new journey and the re-vamping of my shop, I bought this fabulous wine, because you know, wine not?! HAHA. It’s ok..you can laugh at my mom jokes. =) Picked some up at Trader Joe’s and it’s delicious! You can learn more about the Wente vineyards here!

I recently painted one of my very dear friends this elephant painting because she is beyond infatuated with these beautiful animals! It was my first watercolor on such a giant canvas, and it made me so happy to gift it to someone I care about!

Stay tuned as my shop gets a new look with more watercolor pieces, while I continue to create more original pieces! I’m so excited about this new venture of mine!


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