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DIY Simple Herb Garden

I’m pretty sure I have a black thumb, which is obviously a terrible way to start this post given its about gardening…  But I’ll go ahead and continue anyhow…Not sure where I got it considering that my mom has a pretty green thumb…I’m guessing gardening is not a hereditary trait. HA. Buttttttttt, because I’ve been doing whole 30 and just trying to eat cleaner, I’ve been using a ton of herbs for making my meals! I’ve even been adding mint and lemon to my water just to switch it up sometimes instead of plain ol’ boring water!

Nonetheless, I was spending so much money buying fresh ones at the grocery store weekly. And then I’d use a few sprigs or leaves of each, and it would go bad and I would have to toss the rest. It basically just sucked throwing money into my trash can…

So I decided I’d figure out a way to turn my black thumb around (hopefully!) and create a little herb garden for myself so I could have fresh cuttings at my hands all the time! And I came across so many great tutorials online, this one being my favorite! 

I knew I could accomplish it in no time, and with just a few simple materials! 



  • Container for herbs – I bought this one, but I’m sure you can find something similar anywhere! It doesn’t even have to be separated like this one…I figured, this one would give me more of a chance to actually keep them separate and alive! =) 
  • Herbs – Pick whichever ones you think you’ll get the most use out of! I opted for basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, parsley, and cilantro! 
  • Potting mix – I made sure to use a natural and organic one since I knew these were going to be consumed by us! 
  • Gravel – I poured a bit of gravel at the bottom of each section to ensure proper drainage!


  1. Start with just cleaning out your container, and then add gravel at the bottom.
  2.  Add a little bit of potting mix at the bottom, and then plant your herbs! Fill the gaps with more of the potting mix after you’ve planted!
  3. Make sure to hydrate these plants! They are going to need some love and water, and you are good to go! 

Make sure they are getting proper sun, and water! Mine are going pretty strong for a week now!! And hey, that’s a big deal to me. I’ve killed plants faster than that….#nojudgies. 

This whole project took me a mere 20-30 minutes and I was done! With spring just around the corner, you are bound to find fresh herbs anywhere and everywhere! We are enjoying fresh herbs in our meals thanks to this little garden that sits in my kitchen! Plus, my kids are learning all about plants and gardening so it was kind of a mini lesson in gardening, and how plants grow! They are thoroughly enjoying “feeding the plants” by watering them!

If you’re wondering why I didn’t start with seeds… well, it’s because I knew that I would still keep spending money on herbs when I could just spend money on actually having something I could use now! Aaaaand, ain’t nobody got time fo dat. #momlife

So? You think you’ll have little herb garden to be able to pull herbs from daily? I’d love to see pictures if you do it! =)

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  • Jenny
    March 11, 2017

    What a great idea, thanks for sharing!