Reminiscing Red Bud Isle!

Our engagement anniversary just passed at the end of January, and I absolutely love celebrating this specific anniversary. It was an important day, as we decided to hold hands for the rest of our lives and stand by one another, and share everything between us. I know what you’re thinking…what about our wedding anniversary? Well, our wedding anniversary is important, but I find that since we technically chose that day out of convenience for our family/friends and schedules, it loses a bit of its “special-ness” because it just doesn’t have that touch of spontaneity,  which is exactly what I love about our engagement.

Our engagement was on a random Tuesday in 2010, in the middle of the day, with two people completely in love, and it was just us on this little island that juts out into the lake here in Austin. We declared our love to each other,  and made a decision to take the next step forward. Surrounded by nothing but nature, and water, it was the best way he could’ve ever proposed. He hadn’t planned on doing it that day, but alas circumstances changed it to be completely and utterly spontaneous, and right in the middle of the week. Perfection. 

Well last weekend, we decided after all these years, we would go back and see that same island, but take our babies with us. It was such a wonderful feeling to see our kids run around a place that we hold so close to our hearts. I can’t wait to show it to them when they actually understand how special that little spot actually is to their parents. 

Here are a few pictures of us while we reminisced Red Bud Isle and our very romantic spot at the end of the island!!

The exact spot Rudy proposed. <3

The park bench where we ate our lunch after he proposed 7 years ago!

One of our fave Mexican restaurants is right down the street, so we headed to grab some lunch after!! I mean who doesn’t love a good marg to celebrate our 7 year engagement anniversary! 

Those lips. I die for those sweet little lips.

Married for almost 6 years (our anniversary is on the 19th!), got engaged over 7 years ago, and have been together for nearly 9 years. Love this man so freaking much. He’s my everything, and has given me everything. 

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