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My new fave tee for the weekends!! =)

Sundays… Always a day of endless errands, laundry, prepping, grocery shopping, and just preparing for the week ahead. Because I’m doing whole 30, it requires a little more work for sure to make sure I don’t “break” during the week! I talk more about this shortly!!! 

Nonetheless, I just wanted to do a lil’ round-up of random things that I’m obsessed with lately because I just wanna share the love!!


My new Adidas shoes. OH MAN. I remember these from when I was in junior high/high school, and how much they were in fashion!! I’m so glad they made a come back, because they are so darn cute, and I might I add ridiculously comfy! I really wanted to get blush ones, but I settled for the gray ones, well because if you know me, you know that I have deep relationship with the color gray. =)


If you’ve been needing to send out valentine’s for your kiddos, don’t go to Pinterest. Aaaaaand if you’re like me who is a last minute mom, run to the target dollar spot bin because they had these handy dandy little kits that come with the card and the figurine!! It’s easy, it’s cheap, and the best part, it’s fast. SO. MUCH. YAS.  #momwin


So, I posted about these muffins a few weeks ago, and they’ve become our go to for baked, yummy, goodness!! They are easy, 3 ingredients, and so simple to make!! If you’re needing to make something for that Valentine (or Galentine!) party, make these and I guarantee, you’ll come home with none! These disappear so quickly!!


So the latest movie we just saw was Lion. It’s beyond thought provoking, and such a moving film. I highly recommend that one. The other movie that I was obsessed with was Hidden Figures. I walked out of that theater thinking how amazing these women were, even when the odds were stacked against them. I felt inspired and left wanting to do more. Another movie you’ve gotta add to your list for sure! 


My new piece of jewelry that I’m loving on lately is from B Stamped. Their stuff is amazing and I love how personalized it is! The perfect gift for so many people in your life. I got it stamped with both Aria’s and Rishi’s names on it, with their birthdates! It’s the one of the sweetest pieces of jewelry I own! 


I know I mentioned up above that I’m doing whole 30. I’m not doing it nearly as strictly for many reasons…I’m probably doing 90% of it though which I think is pretty good! Let’s just call it modified whole 30 k? Kay. All you purists, look away and stop judging.

Nonetheless, I’m in 14 days now, and I absolutely loooooove it. It’s teaching me a lot about what I’m eating, and how awful some of the stuff in the store really is. In the two weeks I’ve been doing it, I feel better and my jeans fit better!!! *hallelujah*

I have learned the challenges of how tough eating out can be and have been constantly been preparing my own food (read : eats lots of eggs). It’s a lot of work, but given how much better I already feel, I know it’s making a difference! I’ll be sure to update more as I finish and decide if it’s something I kind of want to stick with!


Last but not least, I’m obsessed with my new mama tee from Mama Love Collective! It’s soft, cuddly, and is the perfect description for what motherhood is really like!! Plus, it’s black…hides all sorts of crap that gets spilled on it daily. HAHAHA

Well, I guess I actually need to fold those giant piles of laundry sitting in the corner staring at me…sigh. Hope you guys had a wonderful Sunday!! It’s Valentine’s week this week!!! WOOOHOOO!!! 

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  • Danielle
    February 13, 2017

    I love that bracelet!! It’s so cool. 🙂 Stopping over from Moms life Mondays link up. 🙂