When Dimma Visits!

My MIL (Dimma, pronounced dee-mah, is what we call her out of love!) was here for the last two weeks and it’s been amazing to have her here, which is also why I’ve been so MIA on here!

 We’ve had countless date nights, meals made for us, help with the kiddos, and so much more! Plus, watching my babies love on her so much is heartwarming. They have such a sweet bond, and I can’t wait to see it grow and blossom as they get older. Aria and Rishi are going to learn so much from her because she’s absolutely amazing. She leaves tomorrow and it’s so incredibly sad to see her go. I know the kids will miss her dearly, as will we. =( 

But yesterday, we spent the day with her and got a few pictures to remember this visit by! I know the next time we see her, the kids will be that much older! A few months here and there with them can make such a difference, so I wanted to document it for them (and us!) to have!! 

I’m with him! We are so sad to see Dimma go. =(

Hopefully, she’s back super soon!


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