Little & Mighty: Mama + Mini

My kids have become quite adventurous. Wanting to jump off rocks, beds, sofas, the counter in my kitchen. Yea, thank god I was an arms length away from that one. Sheesh kids…give me a break!

Rishi with pumpkins wearing Mighty Love ||

These two are always up to no good! As these years continue, I can see how they are going to become partners in crime! They constantly want to balance on different objects, whether it’s an actual balance beam or just a random wall or curb or anything that looks like it needs to be carefully stepped on with your arms out! My daughter is the one who is leading in all of this, but because Rish doesn’t really understand that he’s still toddling around and wants to be like big sis, he follows right along as if he’s just as big as her. Definitely can’t keep up, but tries with all his might! They are definitely little and mighty! And these sweet tees from this adorable local shop here in Austin, Little & Mighty, are perfect for my two munchkins! 

Made with love from three beautiful mamas, and you can read their story right here! They are beyond soft, and I love how non gender specific they are! I know that I can hand down Aria’s t-shirt to Rishi when she grows out of it! 

Rishi wearing Little and Mighty

I. Just. Want. To. Eat. Him. Up.

Aria and Rishi wearing Little and Mighty || www.alfasengupta.comAria holding flower ||

Aria wearing Little and Mighty ||

She’s my muse.

Aria wearing Little and Mighty || www.alfasengupta.comAria and Rishi holding hands and wearing Mighty and Little ||

What do you call the mama of two little and mighty kiddos? A mighty mama of course! I absolutely love sporting my Mighty Mama tee and every time I wear it, I get so many compliments on it!! It’s the perfect tee for everyday for when I’m chasing my littles!! 

Want to snag one or some of those adorable tees the kids were wearing? Head over to their shop and use coupon code LOVEALFA  to get free shipping on all the items in their shop!! 

Alfa wearing Mighty Mama || Alfa wearing the Mighty Mama shirt ||

Love, Alfa

All tees are c/o of Little & Mighty but all opinions are my own!

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  • Carmen
    October 18, 2016

    Your kids are so cute! I love how you guys are all wearing the matching shirts. Great post! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  • Nona
    November 20, 2016

    That’s a creative answer to a dilucifft question