A Weekend at Splashway!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. 

A fun couple of days were spent at this amazing waterpark/campground down in Sheridan, Texas! It’s about two hours from Austin and totally worth the drive! We stayed in one of their cabins on the property, which was so much fun to do with the kids! Deer watching, firefly catching, throwing a frisbee kind of fun! It’s the perfect place to unplug since you’re far away from everything, and sometimes that is exactly what you need to connect with the people you love.

Splashway’s motto is all about family, and you definitely feel that when you’re down there. The property is well maintained and clean, and staff are extremely friendly and accommodating. There are so many things to do down here that we couldn’t even do it all while you’re there! You will never run out of fun things to do while you’re visiting Splashway!

The waterpark is large, but not so large that it’s overwhelming. It will keep you busy for hours on end, especially since there are other activities to partake in like ziplining above the entire waterpark!

There are lifeguards everywhere, that are constantly on the watch so it feels really good to know that they have safety as one of their priorities.

All the different areas of the water park have signs that will give you information about that specific pool or attraction. The lines were totally manageable, and there was always enough room to play no matter how packed it seemed! The lazy river had it moments of it being congested, but you were always able to grab a tube the minute you wanted to go in without having to wait for one to become available.

We also had one of their cabanas and it was amazing! I highly recommend it if you plan on spending the day there! It’s even got its’ own lock box and personal butler! A little menu on the side to order food you’d like! Funnel cake at a moment’s notice…Could there be anything better? Definitely not.

As I mentioned, we stayed at the Splashway Campgrounds. The campgrounds are so pretty! Complete Texas beauty. We saw deer roaming the fields while playing at one of the playscapes on the property! As we were leaving the waterpark to head back to our cabin, Aria asked us if we were going back to the “fun fun house!” She thought it was the best thing ever!
Furnished with 5 beds, a full kitchen, a full bath, and direct TV, it is awesome for a getaway. You do have to bring your own towels, linens, and food. You can always rent from the resort if you don’t bring any. There isn’t really anywhere to eat nearby so make sure you definitely pack some food if you plan on staying. There is a fridge (and freezer), a stove, an oven, and a microwave. They also provide a few dishes, cups, and silverware. We just went ahead and brought all disposable plateware so we wouldn’t have to worry about dishes. Last but not least, there is no wifi. We were ok with this because I think every once in awhile, it’s good to not worry about work and open your laptop. We were completely unplugged and focused on just us. It was the perfect way to connect over a couple of days.

The one piece of advice I do want to give is that if you have kids younger than 3 or 4, I would potentially wait. There is a ton to do, but I feel like my son couldn’t do much since he’s just 1. Theyh have baby areas but the vast majority of the park is definitely enjoyed by older children. Every kid looked like they were having the time of their lives. My daughter who is nearly 3 had a blast, but I feel like in a year or two, when I come back they will have even more fun, and this will become a summer staple of a vacation for us. It’s exactly the kind of place I’d love to create memories with my family!

We will definitely be back!


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