Happy First Birthday Rishi!!

A year ago, we welcomed a sweet baby boy into our lives and he has stolen our hearts so fiercely. Time has definitely gone by faster this time because I clearly remember awaiting for Aria to turn one where as, Rishi’s first birthday arrived in just a few blinks. Mamas. DO NOT BLINK. If you do, your children grow up. I’m just saying, you’ve been warned so proceed at your own risk. I will also go ahead and warn you that this a picture heavy post. I may have cried while writing it…who am I kidding? I was basically blubbering…

First picture as a family of four, and the first time Aria meeting Rish. This moment. I could wrap it up and keep it in my heart forever. 

Rishi is a happy, smiley, always hungry, constantly moving baby. He is absolutely a mama’s boy down to the core, and you better believe that I love every second of it. He’s a complete snuggle bunny who wants to be held at every opportunity. A little compulsive hugger. There’s a chance he may forcefully get a hug out of you if you’re holding him.

He is of course as stubborn, just like mama and sis. If you take a toy from him, he will scream bloody murder until he gets it back. That’s always a fun noise let me tell you. A decibel that isn’t meant for human ears basically. 

His smile is something else. It lights up a room and changes your mood within a heartbeat. Sometimes my days are tough, but this little boy will give me one smile, and all will feel right with the world. 

He loves his sister SO MUCH. They have formed an amazing bond which is amazing to watch. They wake up around the same time, and immediately are so happy to see each other. It’s literally the best feeling in the world knowing I created two humans that love each other so much. Like MIND BLOWING. 

 He loves to eat and has an insatiable appetite from what we can see, but despises vegetables. Like HATES them. Toddlerhood will be fun with this one when he has opinions and there are veggies on his plate. =P 

He says “mama”, “dada”, “hi”, “bye”, and “uh oh” pretty well. He recognizes a lot of things like balloon, ball, light, car, etc.  I can see he’s trying so hard to get some of these things out but gets stuck. But then big sister swoops right in and will try to help him. Yea. It’s super adorable. 

He’s a speed crawler and he’s cruising holding onto furniture, but definitely doesn’t want to let go and start walking. Loves to wave the minute someone waves and says “hi” to him! Is a huge fan of facetiming with family because as soon as the screen comes on with anybody, he is absolutely thrilled. 

During the week, while Aria was in school, I took him to storytime and absolutely loves it. He’s a little dancer whether it’s a nursery rhyme or something on the radio or Aria’s Paw Patrol theme song. =) 

His interest in books is finally coming through and wants to be read to quite a bit! His current favorite is a book about different vehicles. Typical boy. 

Happy First Birthday Rishi! Words couldn’t even come close to explaining how much we love and adore you.The happiness and love you bring to this family is out of this world, and we are so lucky to call you ours baby boy!! 


 Alfa (Mama)   

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