3 Reasons To Not Hate Daylight Savings!

Happy Friday loves!
You ready for that time switch again this weekend? Good ol’ DST will come to haunt you this coming Sunday, March 13th! That bitch of a time thief will come around and make your nutty mornings even more hectic. I remember the days before kiddos, we would only worry about how to adjust our schedules one hour forward. But when you throw kids into the mix, holy hell. It can really throw your game and routine off. But here are a few funny positives to get you through the “spring forward”! Enjoy!

1. Your kiddos are suddenly sleeping in! HA. Every morning your adorable monster is up at 7 AM right? Well now it’s 8 AM! Congrats!

2. The clocks all around the house that have been out of reach and too much of a hassle to change since October are finally showing the right time! WOOHOO!! I think we have like 5 clocks currently that are showing the wrong time. #nojudgies

3. More light outside at the end of the day so you can tire those kids out after dinner at the park or in the backyard! Plus, you’ll more than likely put them to bed while the sun is up so happy hour shows up that much earlier! Hello, wine… You fine thing you.
 I knew you’d like that one. =)

I know you considered moving to Hawaii just to avoid having to deal with this. I mean, I did too. It’s Hawaii for crying out loud. BUT, I guess I’ll just power through to the new 5 o’clock and get myself a Mai Tai. =P

It’ll be an interesting Sunday around here with my crazies!!



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