New Year Questions…

Me in all my glory. =P 

1 | What is your number one goal this year?
To focus on gratitude. Be more grateful. You can read more about my goals over here for this year.

2 | What are you most grateful for?
I’m most grateful for my family’s health and my health. Something I think we all take for granted sometimes. I’m glad I’m able to run around and chase my kids, or carry them when they need to be held. Jump on playgrounds and go down slides with them. I’m also grateful for dirty dishes because it means we have food. I’m grateful for laundry, because that means we are making messes and having fun. I’m grateful the messes in my house because I know that my kids are living a good, happy life. And, I’m extremely grateful to be home with them. Every so often, I get jealous of the working mother and I remind myself that it’s a privilege to be here and watch them grow. They are only little once and I want to be in their lives as much as possible since we are lucky enough to have a parent at home. Soooo, I guess I’m grateful for a lot of things but these are all pretty important. =)

3 | Are you content?
I struggle with this every so often. Especially if I’m going through a rough patch or hard couple of days. It gets easy to get drowned in the everyday struggles, but I try to think about all the positives around me and that definitely makes me do a 180 and realize my life is pretty freaking amazing. Yea, no complaints. People do too much of that. Me included. Let’s stop and think about what we have, not about what we are missing. I guarantee you (and I) will be a lot happier.

4 | What is your best memory of last year?
It’s a toss up. The moment Aria and Rishi met at the hospital is huge to me. The fact that these two human beings we created were seeing each other for the first time was obviously a pretty big deal. BUT then, the first time Aria made Rishi laugh was just as major. Because now it wasn’t just a meeting. Now they knew each other. I had two babies I grew, and they were communicating. Oh man. It blew my mind.

5 | What was the last major accomplishment you had?
This definitely is business related for me. I recently worked with a giant blogger who reached out to me to promote my biz and it basically made my day and then some.

6 | What possession could you not live without?
As much as I hate to admit it, it’s my phone. I take pictures and videos of my babies all day, EVERY day. Living without it would mean I wouldn’t be able to capture these memories. I know very well that even on the hardest day, I go through my photos on my phone late at night and scroll through the videos and pictures from that day, and all that anger and frustration just melt away.

7 | Can people change?
This is a tough question. I think it all depends on the personality. I know that I’ve changed for the better in lots of ways. But I also know that some habits die hard. No matter how much we “change”, the hubs and I always argue about the exact. same. things. Every few months, we have the same argument about the same silly stuff we argued about 3 months prior. This has been happening for almost 8 years. Ha. It’s all petty and menial, but those arguments are basically on repeat.
I will say though, when it comes to big things, I think if people want to change and put in the effort, you definitely can. I’ve also seen people change for the worse and that’s always tougher to see. And that always seems like it wasn’t necessarily intentional, but circumstance has made them that way. But yes, people can definitely change.

8 | What is the last yummy thing you ate?
I would have to say cake. Cake from a 4 year old’s birthday party from this weekend. Yup… Judge all you want but it was delicious.

9 | What is your current favorite snack?
Hmmmm. I would have to say I’ve really gotten into apples lately. Oh and Haagen Daaz Vanilla Bean ice cream. It was like we rediscovered each other at the grocery store a month ago and since then, we just can’t quit. I mean it’s a love affair I don’t want to quit but let’s be real, there’s a slippery slope with ice cream affairs.

10 | What made you smile today?
When I was holding Rishi, and he was looking right at me and just smiled and then proceeded to take both his hands and just reach out to touch my face. I absolute L O V E those kind of moments.

11 | What’s your favorite accessory?
Hm. It’s my new planner currently. I’m trying incredibly hard to be organized so I splurged and actually got a pretty planner and I’m loving it.

12 | What did you have for dinner today?
Well, since I’m posting this before dinner, I’ll talk about what I’m eating tonight! This coming Sunday is my hubby’s birthday so this week means “birthday week” for him! It includes a bunch of his fave eats. These include dinners I make and also top dishes from our favorite restaurants. But, one of his most desired thing to eat is wings. Any day you could ask this man what he’d like to eat and 9 times out 10, his answer will be wings. Soooooo, wings tonight to kick off his celebratory week leading up to the big day!

13 | Who last called you on the phone?
My sister. I don’t think I actually talk to that many people on the phone. My phone is actually rarely used for communicating. Weird right given it was invented for exactly that purpose? I text 75%, facetime 20%, and talk on the phone 5%. In that 5%, 4.95% of it is my sister. It feels strange if I go more than a day without talking to her. I HAVE to talk to her. She is one of the most important people in my life. One of the few people that know me inside and out. So in summary, talking to her daily is a must.

14 | What are you in love with?
Coffee. Like, serious LOVE.

15 | The first thing I did this morning was nurse Rishi .

16 | My current favorite website is Pinterest. Can’t believe I still love it as much as I do!

17 | What is the hardest thing you’re dealing with?
Time management. I always feel like I can accomplish more than what is actually on my plate. Trying to work on that…

18 | Today I wish I had more sleep. Been a rough few weeks around here with Rishi regressing on his sleep so it’s been hard at night.

19 | Tomorrow will be better because it’s not Monday! HA.

20 | What is your favorite thing to drink?
COFFEE.  See question 15.

21 | How much did you spend at the grocery store the last time you went?
$32. It was a fluke because I had to pick up like a few things. That amount RARELY happens. =(

22 | My house is a home because baby/toddler stuff is EVERYWHERE. Nothing is ever in its right place. But the best part of my house being a home, is the fact that every single nook and cranny has a memory attached to it. We brought two babies into this home which grew our family to four, and that carries a lot of weight in memories.

23 | Who is the last person to tell you they loved you?
Aria. She tells me at least once every few hours that she loves me. Just walks up to me, hugs me, and says “I love you mama…” Oh man. Nothing beats that feeling.

Well I hope that helps you understand me and my life a little better! See you on the flip side!



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