Easy White Bean Chicken Chili

Ah January…The month that is the epitome of dreary. Nothing exciting really happens during this first month of the year. The house ends up feeling a bit plain given that just a month ago it was so festive with lights and decor and the constant warm holiday feeling. It sucks right? And finally, the real “winter” for us Texans happens around January/February. Every so often, we’ll even get a “snow day”. Nothing like what the East Coast saw over the weekend! That was some snowmaggedon huh? Crazy #jonas. Anyway, for us, it basically means it was 30 degrees outside and maybe, just maybe there was a chance of rain and there might have been a bit of sleet. Of course all the schools will shut down, and most companies will ask for their employees to work from home because let’s face it, we have no idea how to drive in icy conditions. I’ve seen it with my eyes. We totally suck at driving in freezing conditions as cars lose control and skid all over the place. Yea, I’m gonna go ahead and stay home and avoid that fray.

Nonetheless, these “cold” temps beg for some hot soups/stews/stoups/chilis. After tiring out your crockpot for every pinned soup recipe, we sometimes need a little variation. Enter chili. Nothing more warming that hearty bowl of chili. Whip this up in a just about 20-30 minutes and serve it up with some cornbread or chips, and you’re good to go! 

Plus, it’s always fun to curl up on the couch with a bowl of chili and catch up on some good old junk tv. Although, I’m sure most of you are tuning into Making a Murderer and I just cannot get into that show. Not sure why but I’m just not a fan… I am however very guilty of watching the new season of Teen Mom OG. Yup. Trash TV at its best. 

The leftovers are absolutely amazing and reheat fantastically. Yes, yes, and yes. 

Hope you guys are all staying warm! Can I just say I couldn’t be more excited for Spring to be here so we can all thaw? I’m pretty sure winter is my most unfavorite season… Ready for warmer weather, pretty spring flowers, and to able to rid ourselves the fear that our kids will get sick because of this yo-yo weather! Winter took on a different color now that kids are involved… 




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