Low Power Mode

My marshmallow stealing toddler as I try to sip on some hot chocolate! =)

Well. I don’t even know what to say. I’ve been under some deep, deep water these last 8 weeks. The deepest, darkest, naviest water. You know that part of the ocean that they have no idea what lives there. Yea that’s where I’m currently residing. With some coffee and wine. It’s definitely lonely. 

With family visiting, the hubs traveling internationally for weeks at a time, thanksgiving/holiday chaos, and oh yea, two kids that are killing me and my social life little by little, I just can’t seem to catch my breath or catch up in general. Always feel like I’m 30 steps behind where I’m supposed to be. Case in point: I just received our holiday cards last night. And Christmas is in 8 days. Are you doing the math on how behind I am?

Now, I’m aware this phase passes but damn, it is H A R D. I know people have kids that are closer in age, but this 18 month age gap is a giant joke. They both have such different needs that I think I go through days sometimes without sitting down. Sitting is basically a luxury that doesn’t happen til’ they’re both asleep. I think I hit the pillow so hard every night, and pass out within seconds. I saw this meme the other day and just screamed out loud “YASSSSS”. Every day, every minute, every second is go go go. Laundry, cleaning, dishes, cooking, and just straight up life.

I’m actually jealous of my husband who leaves in the morning to go to work. I get jealous of his commute without someone screaming that they want cheerios and to be able to listen to music or a podcast. Or being able to drink their coffee in peace without reheating it 85,623 times. Or be able to use the bathroom without juggling a 6 month old and singing “Let It Go” to my toddler all the while kicking a ball since that’s when we must play catch. 

So anyway, all of this is to say that I’ve been in low power mode. I’m here, but my little corner of the internet ended up getting put on hold to focus on my family of four for the time being. To try to not think about all I’m currently missing out on, since that isn’t going to be make me feel better. Focus on my kids’ health around this time of year since it’s that time of year that is always tough on those babies’ immune systems. Just be present. 

Because this picture right here, is pretty freakin’ awesome if it means that I have to put other stuff on the back burner for now.

Now back to my regular scheduled programming of blocks, teething rings, and Paw Patrol. See you guys soon. 



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