Christmas 2015

Kids are NOT interested in taking a picture! Still a framer for me though! 

And just like that, Christmas is over. Just took all the decorations down this morning. I felt like I was just calling my sister to tell her that Christmas music was on the radio, yet that was before Thanksgiving! I’m pretty positive we all blinked, and here we are about to be celebrating the end of 2015 in just a few days! YOWZA.

Christmas was pretty low key this year. The third Christmas for Aria and the first one for Rishi! Christmas Eve, we waited for my family to get in town and then just hung out and relaxed while the kiddos got their fill of grandparents and aunt time! Right before Aria and Rishi went to sleep, we put out the milk and cookies for Santa and Aria had such a tough time not eating all the cookies! Are toddlers awesome or what? Oh and the death stare towards Rishi…HA. Her eyes say it all: “Come near my cookies…I dare you little brother….” Next year will definitely be a different story!

After they went to bed, I basically went to work to make sure everything was set for Christmas morning! This ecard I found summed it up pretty well! I kept thinking about how much effort my mom probably put in every year for me, and I had zero idea! Although, playing Santa is pretty awesome I gotta say. I have a feeling it’ll be fun for the next few years to surprise them every Christmas morning and see the thrill in their eyes!

Christmas Day, when Aria came downstairs, I think she was in pure shock. She couldn’t believe what was in front of her! It was the best to see the magic in her eyes! Celebrating the holiday season with little ones is amazing. Everything is new and exciting. 

Aria got a red retro kitchen and Rishi got a chair since Aria won’t let him sit in hers. HA. #thesharingstruggle

LOVED the bow. =)

Eating crumbs left by Santa. =P

We tried to get a few pictures but these two are tough to wrangle for a picture! The one at the top is the best one we could get! But I did get to capture this gem!

After the kiddos went down, it was more family time and just watching movies. The perfect Christmas recipe: food, relaxation, laughter, loved ones. 

Hope yours was just as fun and magical!



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