Because the hubs is leaving for a business trip for a few days (and my mom is coming to help!! THANK GOD!), we decided to soak up Saturday with spending some quality time with him! We headed over to the “pumpkim” patch and played and played and played! Then we headed to one of our fave burger joints because it has a playground. A massive plus for parents I gotta say. Oh yea, they also have beer/wine, and are attached to an ice cream shop. Perfection guys. Nowadays, I’m constantly looking for food joints that are kid-friendly. Ah, parenthood…  😉

I tried to get a few pictures at the pumpkin patch of the two together, but because Aria just runs around and never sits still, it’s near impossible to get a picture of the two…

Oh, and we also stopped and played with ducks! Aria couldn’t have been more scared for her life… =P



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